Issue 1 October, 2000
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Dear All,

We are now just about a week from IFRA 2000 in Amsterdam. As usual, SAXoTECH is there, ready to show you all our new products, talk about the future of news publishing and not to forget help you maintain and develop your position as news providers in a media industry which is under going rapid changes. An Industry where all media is melting together towards cross media news providing, with the Internet as the new leg in the media business seen in relation to traditional print and radio/TV, respectively. As the competition is increasing all the time it continually becomes more and more vital to be able to rationalize the news production, so you can keep providing the high level of journalistic quality, which is necessary to be a serious player in the media of the future.

So come visit SAXoTECH at booth # 9.231, or book a demo in advance through our online booking system:
As usual, we can be contacted on phone +45 96 31 42 00

We look forward to seeing you at IFRA.

Lars Halkjaer
Marketing & Documentation Manager

Book a demo with SAXoTECH at IFRA 2000
Facts on SAXoPRESS 4.0 ­ Cross media publishing made simple
Facts on Publicus 4.0 ­ the worlds most advanced Internet Publishing System
Publicus ­ The Seybold Hotpick

Facts on Tansa Media System ­ the professional proof-reading system

New Integration with Fotoware
Strategic Alliance with Quark Inc gives SAXoTECH access to Quark´s H&J, etc.
Lend us a hole in the walls - SAXoTECH strategy
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Facts on SAXoPRESS 4.0 ­ Cross media publishing made simple

The complete platform-independt, multiple-media content management system

SAXoPRESS is the most powerful - yet simplest to use - content management system on the market today. With the text editing capabilities of the old proprietary systems, and the flexibility of standard desktop publishing tools, SAXoPRESS will help your business do efficient full-page, digital page production, and Internet publishing without adding another newsroom.

The SAXoPRESS system offers software modules that cover all the needs of editorial production, information management, routing and workflow, electronic pre-press, and online publishing.


Editorial users can have a complete set of tools for editorial publishing on their desktops. Modules are available for local text, local images, wire text, wire images, photo assignments, image processing, advertising system integration, print page workflow, Web publishing, archiving, thin-client computing, and remote access. All the modules use the same intuitive interface.


Give your users the client platform that best suits their needs (and yours). The complete set of user modules is available for MacOS 8-9.x, Windows NT Workstation 4.x, and a Web browser-based thin client. You can even create a heterogeneous solution by mixing and matching client operating systems on your network.

Multiple media:

Web publishing is integrated into every module of the system. You can publish content in print and / or online, using a parallel production workflow. Content can be easily repurposed from one to the other. HTML coding is hidden from the newsroom users, which allows them to focus on the content and work together as a team on the site.

But the current version of the SAXoPRESS Publishing System takes that a few steps further:

  • Internet Publishing: With SAXoPRESS, Web publishing can be a simple, collaborative effort using Publicus – and if you want, even in a hosted solution, you do not have to bother with the technical details.
  • Thin-client computing comes to publishing systems with our SAXoAnyWare™ product giving you access to all the functionalities in the SAXoPRESS system, here under pagination in QuarkXPress.
  • The digital archive you have always wished for is possible – save all your text, images, and pages in one cross-linked and indexed database in the SAXoBRS Archive, now with improved search facilities and search interface for our fully integrated archive for text, images and pages.
  • Image workflow is built-in to the entire system - from photo assignment to automatic image processing.
  • TANSA INTEGRATION: Our International customers can now also use the sophisticated Scandinavian system for computer-assisted proofreading. Tansa is a server-based dictionary of spelling, grammar, style and hyphenation rules customized exclusively for each customer.
  • COMPUTER-TO-PLATE (CTP) INTEGRATION: The adoption of CTP technologies is accelerating. SAXoPRESS now has the ability to send imposition and page pairing information to CTP devices that enable them to automatically produce the proper page pairings on the plates. The system currently supports all the major CTP devices.
  • ADVERTISING INTEGRATION: Realizing that our customers utilize a well of different advertising systems. With that in mind, SAXoTECH has developed AdXT – the complete integration to advertising systems, which can output to QuarkXPress. Furthermore, folio is now created automatically with the AutoText function in SAXoPRESS.
  • SAXoPlan – the Content and Resource Planning module for the newsroom
  • Create Email News Digests and Table of Contents automatically for all published content and help your readers get the jump on all the stories you have online or in print.
  • Dynamic Jumps, makes it possible to jump articles between QuarkXPress documents, while automatically keeping tab of all changes and automatically updating jump header and footer information.
  • Grouped Elements, makes it possible to handle editorial projects and add fact boxes to articles by linking articles into groups. These groups can then be moved to pagination and paginated by the page designers as a group.
    • Improved SAXoTEXT editor with
      Track Changes enables 100 percent tracking of all text editing in SAXoTEXT, so you can see exactly what was added, edited and deleted. Not to mention getting deleted text back by drag and drop.
    • Non-printing tags for the use of editorial comments, etc., and
    • Layout Composer, making it possible to layout the article with attached pictures from the SAXoTEXT editor, so all the page designer has to do is drag the conglomerate on to the page.

  • Shared editing in SAXoTEXT and QuarkXPress – making it possible for several people to edit different parts of the same article simultaneously.
  • New improved Interface in SAXoPRESS with information on all linked elements in the SAXoPRESS modules.

Facts on Publicus 4.0 ­ the worlds most advanced Internet Publishing System
The Award Winning Online Publishing system is made
Seybold Hotpic

Version 4.0 of the award winning Publicus Online Publishing System from SAXoTECH has received Seybold Publications Editors’ Hot Pick at the Seybold Seminars. The rapid development of our dynamic Web publishing system continues. Several new modules have been added in version 4.0, which greatly expand the power of the system for newspapers and online content portals on the Web.

The Publicus System allows most people to continue working with their traditional systems. Journalists and colleagues may in this way continue to use the newspaper's editing systems like SAXoPRESS. Publicus is seen as an intermediate product solution that ensures that articles can be published on the Internet. Publicus extracts information, filters it and lays it out on the database server and later publishes this information without requiring the involvement of newspaper staff. Certain newspaper functions such as web editing and picture desk will require that one work directly on the system and offers the possibility of altering both the contents and the presentation. Publicus can exchange information with external systems as long as these systems are able to export data. Publicus will then read this information into the database through the necessary filters. Publicus is equipped with fully-developed integration modules allowing the system to process data from most of today's editing systems.

In the newspaper's role as a supplier, its most important goal is to bring the contents to the customers, independent of the technology involved. New presentation and content forms as well as the combination of new and older distribution channels demand a flexible system that is able to both administer content and treat the functional differences in the various channels. Publicus has paved the way for a wide spectrum of distribution channels. The newspaper is able to choose between a number of distribution channels such as fax, teletext, e-mail, Palm, SMS, WAP, etc. Publicus also makes it possible to distribute data to its partners while at the same time effectively maintaining control over the contents.

Among the features now shipping:

MULTI-MEDIA MODULE: This module lets you publish streaming video and audio on your Web pages through the Publicus server.

E-COMMERCE MODULE: This module lets create E-shops with links full integration to transaction systems.

NEWSGROUPS MODULE: This module lets readers of your site post "threaded" messages in discussion forums (similar to Usenet newsgroups).

WEATHER SERVICE MODULE: This module allows you to automatically publish complete, searchable weather reports on your site for any locations you choose.

GUIDE EXTENSIONS: Several extensions to the Agenda Module have been created which let you build a complete, searchable tourist and activity "guide" for your location on your Web site.

TRAVEL SERVICE: With this service addition to the Portal Module, it is possible to automatically publish airline, bus, and train schedule information, as well as provide real-time traffic updates for your area. (Requires Portal Module).

MAPPING SERVICE: With this service, it is possible to provide street-level maps and directions to any location in North America. This service can also be tied to other modules to provide, for example, directions to an advertiser's offices. (Requires Portal Module).

Facts on Tansa Media System ­ the professional automatic proof-reading system

Professional proof-reading is both expensive and time consuming – and qualified proof-readers are hard to find. Read today’s newspaper. That clearly proves that media houses constantly struggle with misprints, misspellings, and incorrect hyphenation.

Tansa Media System is an advanced system for automatic proof-reading, dealing with both spelling and hyphenation. With more than 60,000 entries per second on a 700 Mhz server Tansa quickly gets very close to the optimum result. The system requires no training and no reorganization of work routines. The employees decide when Tansa is to proof-read, and they decide whether they want to accept Tansa’s suggestion to corrections.

In Denmark Århus Stiftstidende and Ritzaus Bureau work with Tansa – at equal benefit for both of them.

Tansa is server based, meaning that all employees use a common word list. That makes it easier to carry out editorial standards as to wording and style. Tansa analyses several words together in sequence and finds errors that a traditional spellcheckers would miss.

When Tansa is installed the company’s text production will be analyzed for a period of time, and then Tansa will build a ”private” word list. Technical terms and names will be immediately accessible on the system – and in agreement with the user the word list will be updated regularly in order for it to always be in accordance with the editorial rules.

Tansa works with standard text editors and pagination programs on Windows and Macintosh and is today used together with SAXoTECH’s SAXoPRESS system and other leading editorial systems.

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