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Turn to SAXoPRESS Publishing System when:

  • You are ready for a multi-platform,
    open systems publishing solution

  • Tight integration to existing
    production systems is necessary

  • More productive systems are desired

  • Optimal use and utilization
    of resources is a goal

  • You wish to turn your editorial
    content into an economic resource

  • Workflow, Ease of Use, Design &
    Quality are important

  • Tight deadlines and last minute
    editing are critical

  • You need a system tailored
    to your workflow

  • You want everything you need in the newsroom in one total system,
    from one vendor.


Who are we & what do we do ?

  • Young, innovative company, with expertise in innovative solutions for Newspaper Publishing since 1992.

  • In just 5 short years SAXoTECH has managed to develop tightly integrated solutions for the media industry and has earned world-wide recognition as being among the best in the field.

  • SAXoTECH is dedicated to using the best and newest in state of the art software technology, and to continually develop our solutions, giving the company a considerable competitive edge in the industry.

  • Dedicated to being on the cutting edge of development and technology.

  • Comprehensive Open systems solutions for newspapers of all sizes.

  • SAXoPRESS Publishing System sets new standards for integration and functionality.

  • SAXoTECH has everything from Input Systems, WireCenter, Editorial, Pagination, Automatic ImageProcessing and Internet Publishing, plus access to it all from the Internet - all within the same system.

  • SAXoTECH is the number one supplier of editorial, pagination and archiving systems in Denmark and Norway.

  • From a totally dominant market position in Denmark to a rapidly growing international clientele, SAXoTECH has proven that we are serious when we say: SAXoPRESS - when integration turns out to be more than just a word!

  • SAXoTECH offers a complete mix-or-match cross-platform environment with Windows NT and MacOS workstations.

  • We also offer a complete OS-independent suite of publishing tools, providing you access to the SAXoPRESS Publishing System from today’s standard Web browsers supporting the latest Java technology.

  • Choose from a wide range of file servers, network protocols, database servers, and database engines like Oracle and Microsoft SQL. You can even run the entire SAXoPRESS system without a database.

  • From small solutions to large, more complex integration requirements that span newspaper groups, SAXoTECH offers comprehensive open systems publishing solutions.

  • SAXoTECH A/S has the financial, organizational and technical resources to fuel the rapid software development and international expansion, which is a necessity for us to keep providing products that go above and beyond our customers’ expectations.




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