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New Faces here at SAXoTECH
Jesper, Kim,
Lars, Tony & Evelyn

SAXoTECH makes it easy for the skilled employees to do their job,we like to say that at SAXoTECH the employee is the local hero.

This statement is a reality reflected in our everyday life and not just some slick remark. SAXoTECH is a knowledge intensive company full of creative high performance innovators with two thirds working within development, but innovation does not stop there.

Our day is characterized by innovation and we are not too concerned with authorities, in fact SAXoTECH provides a structure within which autonomous, creative employees wield their expertise. Structures are created and processes are managed proactively to maximize the developersĀ“ ability to move efficiently forward to the desired result - making the impossible possible for our customers.

As a natural result of SAXoTECH's customer focus several of our people have years of experience with newspapers. And as part of our cooperation with newspapers all our employees receive training in newspaper production from our customers.

In plain english, SAXoTECH makes it easy for employees to do their thing.

The social life among the SAXoFamily's employees is a priority in SAXoTECH's corporate culture. After work activities for the entire company such as wine tasting, going out on the town, to the movies, or friendly competitions in sports like squash, handball, football, bowling, gocarting, skiing in Norway, etc. creates the glue that makes our organization act as one. One of the constants in the daily SAXoLife is Carla our kitchen Wizard, the woman responsible for keeping us all alive and well... this is her corner

SAXoTECH has chosen an interior, which suggests Roman Antiquity - of course as a contrast to our ultra-modern field of activity.

Our home office interior with sofa arrangements, artwork and decorations stimulates the unpretentious, creative atmosphere which is the spirit of the SAXoFamily.


The Boss is always right....Well not at SAXoTECH, here we let our employees make their own decisions    (12k)

The Boss is not always in
the right here at SAXoTECH....


Meeting in the halls of the SAXoTECH headquarter in Aalborg     (16k)

Meeting in the Halls of
the SAXoTECH Headquarters



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