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SAXoTECH - About the Company -Manager's Corner

Manager's Corner

Werner Elhauge, Director of International ManagementAt SAXoTECH we take care of our customers. Our software and services demonstrate that we have a thorough understanding of the industry's needs.

SAXoPRESS has been developed in close collaboration with several danish newspapers, we listen to our customers, make modifications, and implement improvements according to the users needs. We learn a great deal each and every day, and develop new tools and define different workflows for the industry based on that information and knowledge.

Having developed software for almost every aspect of the editorial process, we have gained an exceptional understanding of the need and potential for integration. We believe this to be the reason for SAXoTECH's rising star....

Everybody here at SAXoTECH realizes that while nobody can possibly know everything, we can learn, practice, improve, and strive to be the best...

We take joy and pride in the thought of SAXoTECH's employees working in a firm that cares for the individual, stimulates creativity, independence, curiosity and responsibility.

We are at time when it is tough for the software industry to attract and maintain quality personnel. We are proud that SAXoTECH has always been able to hire the best people and has maintained our staff throughout our entire expansion. Today, more than 50 percent of the employees are SAXoTECH shareholders.

SAXoTECH's ambition is to play a significant role in defining the new tools and techniques for the industry for the years to come and to be a major player in the market.

We invite you to share your ideas with us, to inspire us. Your efforts have proven invaluable for our ongoing development and a great starting point for our relationship...


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