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SAXoTECH - About the Company - Our Mission 

Our Mission

The "SAXo" name dates back to the year 1184 when SAXo Grammaticus - a wise, old Danish friar - wrote the most comprehensive and most famous book about contemporary Danish history "Gesta Danorum" in Latin. We at SAXoTECH see the SAXo name as a challenge, an invitation to publishers and an inspiration to report and create history as it is made through the news media of today, using the best in state of the art software technology available in the world today.

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The overall mission of SAXoTECH is to develop and market modular integrated software solution to companies and institutions engaged in the gathering, processing, archiving and distribution of information  both on paper and electronically.

SAXoTECH´s overall goal is to become one of the leading suppliers of prepress systems on a global basis. The term "leading" in this context is to be one of the most dominant players in the industry. We believe that SAXoTECH has the opportunity to be just that. SAXoTECH is dedicated to using the best and newest in state of the art software technology, and to continually develop our solutions, giving the company a considerable competitive edge in the industry.

Our Goals
Right from the beginning our philosophy has been to develop and sell qualitatively advanced solutions to newspapers - in close co-operation with these newspapers. We define qualitative solutions as:

  1. Solutions that will be a result of a qualified analysis of customer requirements on site.
  2. Solutions that can be optimally integrated in the production process, based on modular setups, optimal pattern and user interfaces.
  3. Solutions that can contribute to improved efficiency, overview, planning, routing and control.
  4. Solutions that will involve the user in all steps of the development, customization and implementation.
  5. Solutions that will penetrate deeply into a big part of the customer´s organization through education and a competitive price seen in relation to functionality and performance.
  6. Solutions that will make use of existing standards, where it is possible and where such standards exist.
  7. Solutions where the development time is short from conception to reality through the use of "simple" technologies, where it is possible.

Dedicated and highly educated employees who live by the SAXoTECH philosophy are essential to reach these goals! 65 percent of our employees are System Developers, Project Managers, Computer Scientists, Support Managers and Trainers. Our very knowledgeable sales team and administrative staff make up the remaining 35 percent.


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