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Last modified: May 15. 2002 3:44PM

SAXoTECH to preview new software at NEXPO 2002
SAXoPRESS R6, Publicus R6 add support for new platforms, technologies

New user interface The user interface for SAXoPRESS has been completely redesigned to unify and simplify all the editorial functions.

SAXoTECH, the leading provider of editorial systems in Scandinavia, will preview the next major releases of the SAXoPRESS Content Management System and the Publicus Online Publishing System at NEXPO, the Newspaper Association of America's annual technical exposition and conference, in Orlando, Fla., June 22-25.

"The next releases of SAXoPRESS and Publicus are all about advancing our systems to the latest, state-of-the-art platforms and architectures," said Carsten Hansen, VP of Product Development for SAXoTECH. "We are very excited about technologies like XML, Mac OS X, Windows XP, Oracle 9i, Linux, and Apache. We believe these technologies will add value to our products and make the lives of our customers easier."

SAXoTECH will be giving presentations about the upcoming releases, labeled SAXoPRESS R6 and Publicus R6, in booth 2111 on the NEXPO show floor at the Orange County Convention Center.

To schedule a presentation, fill in the form below and click on "Submit", or you may contact Robert Laszlo, VP of Customer Fulfillment, at the contact information below.

SAXoPRESS R6 adds the following major new features to the print publishing front-end system:
  • Mac OS X and Windows XP clients: The SAXoPRESS client software is being completely re-coded to provide native support for the latest operating system technologies from Apple and Microsoft.

  • New unified user interface: The user interface for SAXoPRESS has been completely redesigned to unify and simplify all the editorial functions into a single, powerful content management "workbench". From one window, users will be able to access all of the system's operations.

  • Oracle 9i and use of Oracle interMedia technology: The latest relational database system from Oracle will provide SAXoPRESS with an array of services to develop and deploy print, Web, and wireless applications that include rich media. Multimedia content can be managed directly in Oracle9i under complete database control. Alternatively, Oracle9i can store and index meta-information together with external references that enable efficient access to media content stored outside the database.

  • Media neutral formatting system: SAXoTECH will implement a new XML-based, media-neutral text formatting and page markup system to make the SAXoPRESS stylebook system more flexible and simplify cross-media publishing.

  • Publicus Web browser client for SAXoPRESS: Customers using both SAXoPRESS and Publicus will now have direct access to their SAXoPRESS print production database content through the Publicus Web browser-based editing interface.

Publicus R6
Publicus R6 adds the following major new features to the Web publishing content management system:
  • Linux and Apache support: The Publicus application server has been ported to run natively on the latest distributions of Linux and to utilize the Apache Web server. The use of these open source platforms is expected to improve the speed and security of the system, as well as lower the total cost of ownership for our customers.

  • Oracle 9i database support: Publicus customers will now be able to choose either Microsoft's SQL Server 2000 or the Oracle 9i relational database management system. Each of these databases offer different advantages for different types of customers.

  • Tansa Text Proofing System integration: Publicus customers will now be able to access Tansa's advanced style, spelling and grammar proofing system from within the Publicus content management system's Web browser-based editing interface.
    The newest releases of both systems are currently in active development. SAXoTECH expects to release the finished versions of both systems sometime in early 2003.

For more information about NEXPO:

SAXoTECH is a leading editorial system supplier in Scandinavia and North America. We create systems that enable media companies to create, edit, manage, and publish news content anywhere they choose -- in print and online. The SAXoPRESS Content Management System, is a comprehensive suite of cross-platform and fully integrated tools for newspaper and magazine publishing. The Publicus Online Publishing System is an open, dynamic, database-driven Web production and portal-building solution. For additional information on SAXoTECH and its product range, we invite you to visit

For more information:

SAXoTECH North America:

Robert A. Laszlo, V.P. Customer Fulfillment
Phone: (941) 447-6662

SAXoTECH Europe:

Heidi Heunecke, Marketing Coordinator
Phone: 45 96 31 42 11

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