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Last modified: July 09. 2003 2:06PM

SAXoTECH and CCI Europe announce integration between print and online products
Open architecture creating value for news publishers

Aalborg, Denmark
CCI Europe and SAXoTECH A/S, two of the world's leading newspaper systems providers, are pleased to announce the development of a standard integration between CCI NewsDesk, CCI Europe's editorial front-end system, and the Publicus Online Publishing System, SAXoTECH's dynamic Web content management solution for newspapers.

The cooperation between the two software vendors grew out of the increased interest in Publicus as a Web publishing system among CCI NewsDesk customers.

"Despite competing with CCI Europe in the editorial front-end systems area from time to time, we have put aside our differences to develop something that will advance the industry and give newspapers a superior choice," said Anders Christiansen, Chief Executive Officer of SAXoTECH A/S. "Our primary goal is that SAXoTECH's systems will generate value for our customer, and that is why it is essential for us to create open solutions that can integrate with other news production systems."

Christiansen says that media companies today are demanding that their technology vendors provide open solutions that expand their usefulness beyond what any single vendor could possibly provide. He believes that the more progressive vendors in this market, like SAXoTECH and CCI Europe, will start developing closer relationships - which will help everyone involved.

In lending CCI Europe's support to the endeavor, CCI Europe President Carsten J. Christensen stated, "CCI Europe has always sought to be the architect of the newspaper industry. This means that we have developed our solutions so that they are open and flexible -- in order to give newspapers the option of establishing the best-of-breed solution that is the perfect fit for them. In establishing integrations, like the one we have with SAXoTECH, we believe we are creating a win/win scenario for the news industry."

According to Carsten Hansen, VP of Product Development for SAXoTECH, the overall goal of the integration between the two systems is to create an easier way of producing and getting access to content from both the Publicus system and the CCI NewsDesk system, independent of the media format for which a specific piece of content was originally planned.

"By establishing a single interface for the two systems, newspapers have the advantage of a seamless production environment regardless of the medium of production," said Hansen. "This creates simple ways of supporting the reuse of content, reuse of information, collaboration and better management of reporting and editing staff. In effect, it takes both solutions one step closer to a more "media independent" content-production, which in turn creates a cross-media focused newsroom environment."

The actual interchange of news data will be based on the industry standard NewsML, which is an XML-based standard developed by the International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC). Based on the exchange of data between the two systems, CCI NewsDesk will be the central content database where all new and published content is accessible, and the repository from which export to archives or other production/publishing systems may take place.

SAXoTECH is a recognized leader in the development of cross-media news publishing solutions. Our integrated applications give journalists a complete suite of print and online tools to plan, create, publish and archive the news. Our products include the multi-platform SAXoPRESS Publishing System (editorial print production), and the award-winning Publicus Online Publishing System (dynamic, automated Internet publishing). Over 200 clients worldwide depend on our software and services to help them meet their multi-channel deadlines and lower their production costs.

CCI Europe has endeavored from its inception to make the world's leading publishing solutions better. An environment of constant innovation has seen both CCI Europe's editorial solution (CCI NewsDesk and CCI NewsGate) and advertising solution (CCI AdDesk Sales and CCI AdDesk Production) mature into one of the market's premier publishing solutions, which are consistently chosen by the world's most renowned newspapers. CCI Solutions are aimed to juxtapose flexible and highly customizable solutions with the individual needs of the newspaper. CCI Europe is committed to the future of the news industry. For a complete overview of CCI Europe please visit:

Robert A. Laszlo
V.P. Customer Fulfillment
Phone: (941) 447-6662

Torben Juul
Vice President
CCI Marketing
Phone: + 45 87 33 54 00

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