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Last modified: October 05. 2004 10:27AM

Volksstimme in Magdeburg selects SAXoPRESS

Aalborg, Denmark, October 5, 2004 - SAXoTECH A/S, a global provider of editorial software solutions for the media industry, is pleased to announce that Volksstimme in Magdeburg has selected and signed a contract for a complete SAXoPRESS editorial system, including SAXoTECH’s unique archive solution, SAXoBRS.

The Volksstimme site marks SAXoTECH’s first sale in the German market.

“For some time we have been looking for a solution to support our efficient decentralized structure. Above all the integration of stringers has been decisive for us. With SAXoPRESS we have found a solution, which is a good and above all understandable. The system is serviceable and offers everything needed by the staff in their daily work,” said Günther Tyllack, acting chief editor at Volksstimme. “It was also important to us that the editorial system not cause an additional work load. It must expediently support the workflow of newspaper production and thus enable an even better co-operation. With SAXoTECH we have experienced a very professional co-operation to jointly find the right solution”.

The agreement includes a complete SAXoPRESS system using Adobe InDesign (and InCopy) for pagination and SAXoBRS for long-term archiving for the publishers 250+ MAC OS users. The agreement also includes system integration with products like PPI and Intellitune.

SAXoPRESS will be installed across all 250+ MacOS clients at Magdeburger Volksstimme. The SAXoTECH applications will run in a centrally controlled environment. The newspaper’s present production proceses are a combination of centralized and decentralized newsrooms, will be fully supported by the new system, giving the editorial staff as well as management a significant benefits.

”We have experienced the co-operation with Volksstimme as very constructive,” said Anders Christiansen, CEO of SAXoTECH. “The close dialog on composing the right solution has meant that the final result has become a unique solution”.

About Volksstimme:
Magdeburger Volksstimme is the leading daily newspaper in the northern Sachsen-Anhalt. The newspaper is published in 17 local editions and has a circulation of 237,148. Magdeburger Volksstimme is part of the Bauer-Verlag, publishing more than 100 magazines worldwide.

SAXoTECH develops and markets productivity enhancing software solutions for the media industry. The company headquarters is situated in Aalborg, Denmark, with branches throughout the rest of Scandinavia and a fully owned subsidiary in the United States. The number of installations in Scandinavia and the United States has surpassed 300, primarily within the newspaper industry. Please visit for additional information on SAXoTECH’s business areas and product range.

For additional information, please contact:
Günther Tyllack, acting chief editor, Magdeburger Volksstimme
Phone.: +49 391 5999-256

Anders Christiansen, CEO, SAXoTECH
Phone.: +45 96 31 42 00

Glenn Allart Andersen, Director, SAXoTECH Scandinavia
Phone.: +45 96 31 42 00

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