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Last modified: October 28. 2004 5:36AM

SAXoTECH and VLT group sign strategic co-operation agreement

Stability, functionality and cross media delivery drives groups decision to select SAXoTECH

SAXoTECH A/S is please to announce that it, has signed a strategic co-operative agreement with VLT, to supply the SAXoPRESS publishing system to the groups 8 newspapers.
VLT AB is the parent company of the newspapersVestmanlands Läns Tidning, Trollhättans Tidning, Elfsborgs Läns Allehanda, Sala Allehanda, Bärgslagsbladet, Ar-bo-ga Tidning, Avesta Tidning, and Fagersta-Posten.
The agreement allows all newspapers in the VLT group to gradually implement SAXo-TECH’s editorial solutions. The first implementation will commence with the editorial system SAXoPRESS in the beginning of 2005 at the Vestmanlands Läns Tidning.
Lennart Foss, CEO of VLT AB, said his organization focused on selecting a stable supplier with a good financial situation – with both profit and loss accounts and balance sheets expressing a healthy business activity, not only in the present year, but throughout a number of years. SAXo-TECH’s future goals in product and market development under cont-rol-led forms was also taken into consideration.
”In addition to finding a stable supplier with a great base of publishing solutions for both paper and web as well as with a good functionality, the technical platform was an important issue in VLT’s selection of a system solution,” says Anders Lind, IT-strategist VLT AB.”Other important factors certainly were that we have seen existing customers who have been using SAXoTECH in their production for several years – and their experience with SAXo-TECH’s service and support”.
”To be allowed to deliver a solution to the VLT group is very satisfactory, said Urban Jönér ,SAXoTECH’s sales manager in Sweden, , ”Throughout the years VLT has made high, but fair demands to their suppliers, something that will naturally strengthen SAXoTECH’s position in the Swedish market. Thus, at SAXoTECH we see the agreement with VLT as a confirmation that our publishing solutions fit the Swedish market –today, SAXo-TECH continues to bethe market -leader in the Danish and the Norwegian markets.”

About VLT:
VLT is a media company located in Västerås, Sweden. The company comprises newspaper publishing, printing, and electro-nic media. In 2003 the VLT group had a turnover of MSEK 769 with a result after financial posts of MSEK 25. The group has a staff of appr. 864 . The VLT share is registered on the O-list of the Swedish stock exchange.
The group publishes newspapers in eight areas, has distribution activities, printing house, internet and radio activities, and registration and quality assurance regarding TV commercials and newspaper ads. The business area newspapers consist of: Vestmanlands Läns Tidning in Västerås, Bärgslagsbladet in Köping, Arboga Tid-ning, Sala Allehanda, Fagersta-Posten, Avesta Tidning, Trollhättans Tidning, Elfsborgs Läns Allehanda in Vänersborg.VLT is also involved in newspaper and direct mail distribution as well as owning shares of the internet developer Citygate (9%).

The printing activity includes VLT Press in Västerås and part ownership (10%) in Västsvenskt Tidnings-tryc-keri AB.
The business area Electronic media has activities within the internet area through development and sales of tools for digital communication in Leanback Sweden. In addition the group supplies and runs ad server systems for interactive advertising on the Scandinavian market and hosting in Leanback Media System. Radio is run by the station Rix FM in Västmanland in the company Bra Radio. Registration and quality assurance of TV commercials and newspaper ads is carried out in the company TVCheck.

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