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SAXOTECH Introduces Industry’s First Turnkey Online Advertising System - End-to-end Business Processes Provided Via Single System

TAMPA, Fla. – February 27, 2006 – SAXOTECH, a leading software development and systems implementation company exclusively serving the publishing industry, today introduced SAXOTECH Advertising™, a comprehensive online advertising product that enables media companies to achieve maximized revenue and profitability through a single streamlined end-to-end business workflow and ad management system. The SAXOTECH Advertising system provides publishers with full business process support, from call center and self-serve classifieds to credit checking and integration to billing, sorting-out the challenges that publishers face today using mismatched systems.

With a variety of incomplete solutions on the market today, including those that merely repurpose print ads for online use, SAXOTECH has solved a critical process outage most publishers face. No single platform today offers a complete end-to-end solution capable of booking and presenting online advertising, including self service print ads. Media companies must rely on multiple vendors with multiple products, placing the onus on the publisher to decide how to best integrate these processes into their existing back office workflows.

“We need to put more control in the hands of advertising customers and give them more freedom to design and place print and online ads, set schedules, and review bills and contracts at times convenient for them,” said Terry L. Williams, publisher, The Telegraph in Nashua, N.H. “When we have given such tools to advertisers, particularly the line classified advertiser, we find they like it, that they come to understand better the total value of print and online advertising, and they favor our means of connecting them to their customers. The problem is that there are few solutions that can bring about this convergence effectively, causing all sorts of clumsy work-arounds.”

SAXOTECH Advertising provides new revenue opportunities, from selling true multi-media ad types while enabling combination up-selling on bookings. Customer service is greatly improved through sophisticated pricing scenarios and detailed revenue analysis reporting.

“This product launch represents the next step in building SAXOTECH's solution for advertising,” said Peter Ibsen, executive vice president of product management and development, SAXOTECH. “Using SAXOTECH Advertising, media companies now have all the tools and SAXOTECH’s implementation expertise to achieve the online revenue and profitability goals demanded by today’s shareholders. SAXOTECH Advertising is a purpose-built software platform developed exclusively for media companies. The next major step is to complement this turnkey online advertising solution with full support for print advertising.”

Because of its online advertising focus, the SAXOTECH Advertising system resolves the most prominent business challenges faced by media companies by offering the following:

Real-time Placement of Rich Web Classifieds from Advertising Department Call Centers

  • High call volume environment enabled via intuitive, easy to use interface allows sales representatives to efficiently enter and service ads.
  • Provides tools that streamline sales representative workflows when applying Web specific schedule requirements, such as scheduling to multiple Web sites in a single order.
  • Powerful pricing system automatically finds the best rates for Web advertisers, with minimal intervention by the sales representative.
  • Tools for uploading multi-media content, including photos, video and audio files.
  • Easily assign descriptive keywords to ads to increase search visibility.
Single Point of Customer Management and Internal Business Workflow
  • Tools for creating and maintaining customer records for all business categories, e.g.: private party, commercial, agency, and government. Billing types include transient and ledger.
  • Ability to set credit limits, and assign multiple pricing contracts to customers.
  • Auto-checking of ad orders against customer management with the option to trigger alerts for sales representative intervention, either dynamically upon order entry or passively through sophisticated workflow queuing tools.
Maximizing Revenue with Precise Inventory Management when Placing Banner Ads
  • Banner ad booking interface provides direct access to the Online Ad Management Server (OAMS) enabling advertising sales representatives to sell ads for premiums on high demand pages.
  • Flexible scheduling tools assist the sales representatives to rate banner ads across multiple Web sites, targeting specific spots and display times in the appropriate categories for advertisers.
  • Detailed dynamic pricing information is available to the sales representative to help convey value to advertisers, in real-time.
Demand-based Pricing and Comprehensive Campaign Packages
  • Multi-media booking system that enables users to create combinations of advertising content for different media channels all organized under a single campaign.
  • Pricing engine supports complex print advertising in addition to multiple online ad types including banners, Flash/video, simple text, interstitials, script-based ads, as well as rich Web classifieds. Pricing complexities are minimized enabling publishers to focus on the sales process vs. administration of a price book.
  • Using the simple to use SAXOTECH Advertising system rate setup tools, each campaign can have rates to automatically discount or assign premiums to the component orders of the campaign. This industry first feature will allow an advertising sales team to create lucrative revenue generating up-sells as they combine all media channel assets for maximum exposure for advertisers.
Full life Cycle Self-Serve Classifieds
  • A fully integrated, point and click web booking advertising portal, allows advertisers to create, schedule, price and pay for their own rich Web classified advertising.
  • Tools for uploading and editing multi-media content, including photos, video and audio files.
  • Provides 24x7 access to consumers for ad-booking, customer self-service such as ad renewals, content corrections, and ad stops.
  • Because the Web-booking portal is a fully integrated component of SAXOTECH Advertising, all business rules including rates, customer maintenance, and workflow policies are centrally maintained and globally enforced.
  • Portal look and feel easily configured to reflect individual site branding, rate structure, and business rules. All Web-originating orders are optionally reviewed using the SAXOTECH Advertising multi-media call center client. Online ads can be placed in real-time for automatic publishing, or queued for sales representative review.
SAXOTECH Advertising will be demonstrated at NEXPO – booth # 2038, April 1-4, 2006. Register for a product demo at /nexpo.

SAXOTECH is a software development and systems implementation company founded in 1993 to exclusively serve the publishing industry. Our scalable, easy-to-implement solutions are used to plan, create, edit and publish news for multiple channels and are backed by world-class customer support. Today SAXOTECH’s software products are used by more than 450 news organizations around the world. For more information on SAXOTECH, please visit our Web site at