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Nashua Telegraph Restructures to Better Serve Print, Online Readers

by Paul Harris

The latest verse of “The Times They Are A-Changin’” comes today from Nashua, New Hampshire where The Telegraph announced a broad organizational restructuring to, among other things, “meet the changing news and information landscape.” (ed. note: The Telegraph is a SAXOTECH Online customer.)

In the announcement, reported online at, Publisher Terry Williams highlights the point that too many industry critics are missing: daily news organizations with a solid digital media strategy are interacting with an increasing number of readers today. Not decreasing.

By calling for even greater focus on “intensely local” coverage and by embracing multimedia content including video, audio and narrated slideshows, The Telegraph is positioning itself to serve its readers and advertisers for generations to come.

And Speaking of The Telegraph…

I couldn’t help but point to Amy Gahran’s posting on Poynter Online E-Media Tidbits today where Telegraph Online Managing Editor Damon Kiesow surfaced.

The classic quandary: break news online, or hold a hot story for print? Damon relates an anecdote from about six months ago that carries a lesson for anyone who has to even think about how to handle the situation.

With today’s announcement, it sounds like everyone at The Telegraph is singing from the same page. And yes, the times, they are a-changin’.