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News 2007

The Washington Times Deploys SAXOTECH’s Complete Integrated Publishing Solution
Media Company to Integrate Online Publishing Content Management with its Current Enterprise-class Editorial System to Streamline News to Print and Web Channels

Tampa, Fla. – March 1, 2007 – The Washington Times will expand its current portfolio of media products, giving the daily newspaper a complete platform to optimize content creation throughout the organization, while reducing the cost of ownership by having one fully-integrated publishing solution.

“The integration with SAXOTECH Editorial™ was the determining factor,” said Bob Adkins, Internet director for The Washington Times. “It eliminated any need for a data migration or for custom code to integrate another Web CMS to the newsroom product. Their shared hosting environment was just icing on the cake.”

With SAXOTECH’s comprehensive multi-function publishing solution, The Washington Times can now expand the functionality of its current editorial solution to take full advantage of multi-channel distribution. The Washington Times will implement a fully-supported and reliable platform, and by doing so, they refocus scarce resources on value-added activities such as news publishing and online revenue generation.

The Washington Times will use SAXOTECH Online™ Web publishing to help improve its online user experience, sell content online and improve content flow from its editorial system to the Web.

The solution provides a better user experience via two distinct content classes – News Publishing and Community Publishing:
• With a robust online news publishing platform for creating and editing stories, readers will have more visibility into their preferred channels.
• Community publishing will allow readers to have the ability to interact with content by providing tools such as Forums, Polls and Events – creating longer site visits and increasing page views.

The Washington Times has also invested in SAXOTECH’s centralized utility hosting infrastructure to power its Web site, ensuring uninterrupted access to local news that is published by its editorial staff. By migrating to a fully managed Web services platform, The Washington Times can provide its growing audience of online news consumers with better user experiences.

About The Washington Times
The Washington Times is a full-service, general interest daily newspaper in the nation's capital. Founded in 1982, The Washington Times is one of the most-often-quoted newspapers in the U.S. It has gained a reputation for hard-hitting investigative reporting and thorough coverage of politics and policy. Published by The Washington Times, LLC; The Washington Times is "America's Newspaper." Visit us at

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