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Last modified: November 12. 2001 2:07PM

Customer fulfillment
Team-based approach to sales, implementation and support

SAXoTECH's goal is 100 percent customer satisfaction. To achieve that, our "customer fulfillment" teams work with customers all the way through the sales, implementation, and support processes.

Our sales professionals work with customers throughout their relationship with SAXoTECH. For example, to make sure that the customer's expectations are met, during the implementation the sales person actively participates on a project steering committee.

Furthermore, early on in the sales process, one of our implementation team leaders begins working with customer representatives on the site evaluation and project planning. That same person will also be in charge of the overall installation project and will be the customer's contact after the installation for support and service work. Our team leaders are trained in site evaluation, project management, and systems technologies.

This team-based approach is designed to eliminate "misunderstandings" that can often occur between the customer and system vendor.

SAXoTECH's proven project management techniques ensure that your new system will be installed on time and with a minimum amount of distraction and stress.

Our completely documented, step-by-step approach to project management ensures that the system installation goes smoothly.
We divide the implementation process into four general phases:

  • Phase 1: Sales and Information - Exchange information and negotiate a mutually agreeable contract.

  • Phase 2: System Preparation - Workshops are held where the two project teams work together customizing and building a prototype system. A group of "super users" is trained and fully tests the system.

  • Phase 3: System Installation - The system is delivered and integrated into the live work environment. The final system is tested again.

  • Phase 4: Go Live - When everyone is satisfied that the system is ready, end users receive their training and go to work in live production.

  • Support
    At SAXoTECH, we understand that choosing a new system is not just about picking a set of technologies. It's also about creating a long-term relationship with a system vendor.

    Having good customer service is just as important to us as having good technology. That's why we have developed a support system that is designed to meet the needs (and budgets) of all of our clients.

    SAXoTECH's standard support agreement includes telephone hotline support and e-mail access to our group of dedicated support professionals.

    Site visits are rare. Most of our customers' support issues can be easily handled over the phone or via "remote control" software that allows us to see the errors from our offices.

    For those customers that require it, we can provide hotline support on a 24 hour per day, seven days per week basis.

    Software updates and upgrades are handled differently:

  • Updates: Minor bug fixes and feature updates are usually installed by the customer's technical support staff (following instructions from our implementation engineers). These updates are, of course, offered without any additional software licensing fees.

  • Upgrades: SAXoTECH is committed to releasing major improvements to our core products approximately every 12 months. These upgrades typically include entirely new functions and often new Add-On Modules. They sometimes have new hardware and third-party software requirements. These upgrades can be purchased by customers with up-to-date support contracts.

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