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Last modified: August 17. 2001 10:48AM

"SAXoPRESS is an amalgam, riding the crest of the Fifth Wave. It is ... one of the emerging hybrid systems that adopts and adapts third-party software, develops its own enhancements (and some modules from scratch), and sends it to market with just enough of its own flavor to win attention in a crowd."
Pete Wetmore
The Cole Papers
System architecture
Open, integrated system built for publishers of all sizes

In 1993, SAXoTECH's founders saw a growing need for a new, standards-based pre-press solution. From the beginning, SAXoTECH worked in close cooperation and collaboration with its publishing partners to design and develop the editorial functionality of the SAXoPRESS system.

Design principles
SAXoPRESS is a modular system built with current tools and modern object-oriented design techniques. This design philosophy results in modules that are smaller, more stable, and more efficient - and a code base that is easier to expand and upgrade. It also makes SAXoTECH uniquely positioned to take advantage of the latest technological advances and industry trends.

The heart of the system is the Oracle 8iT relational database management system. Oracle is the industry leader in terms of platform support, features, performance, and reliability. However, it is the SAXoPRESS database design that gives the system its power.

Everything you publish is either stored or tracked in the database, including text, images, and pages. Your publication's business logic (your workflow), as well as your publication's formatting rules and stylebook are also stored in the database and together help define how the system works for each user.

Large and small
Because of the way it was built, the system is highly scalable. SAXoPRESS is being used in newsrooms both large and small everyday. Our smallest installation has 5 users, while our largest has over 300. Our customer list includes weekly publications, trade magazines, and daily newspapers of all sizes.

Platform support
SAXoPRESS is the only truly cross-platform content management system available today. SAXoTECH believes that customers should be allowed to choose the server and client operating systems that best suit their needs - not the needs of a system vendor.

Because the Oracle database can run on such a wide range of server platforms, SAXoTECH is able to install and support the use of any of these server operating systems.

On the client side, you can decide whether you want to use MacOST computers, Windows 2000T workstations, or both in your operation. Because all of the system modules are available on both platforms, and because both platforms share the same simple, intuitive user interface, the SAXoPRESS system is effectively platform independent.

Production automation
Print pages are created using QuarkXPressT 4.11.

With SAXoPRESS, a great deal of your XPress page production work can be automated. The software helps users create content boxes and gives them shortcuts for changing article shapes and sizes.
A great deal of your image pre-press work can be automated as well, making page production much simpler. Designers can decide image size, crop and output type right on the page.

Thanks to these automations, many of our customers realize a substantial return on their investment by using SAXoPRESS.

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