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Last modified: April 05. 2002 1:10PM

Stylebook-based publishing
Formatting rules are stored in the database

Print production in SAXoPRESS is based around the concept of an integrated stylebook. Unlike other Quark-based publishing systems, SAXoPRESS stores all of your publication's formatting and layout rules in the database.

This fundamental structural difference means that layout and formatting can be done very accurately from any module of the system. It also means that more of the production work can be shared.

For example, copy editors can completely prepare a story for placement on a Quark page from within the text editor (SAXoTEXT). That means the page designers only have to drag the story onto the page - all the boxes are drawn and properly spaced, and the text is imported and formatted for them.

Another benefit is that a publication can more easily enforce style and design rules. The system makes it easier for page designers to follow those rules.

During the implementation process, SAXoTECH engineers work with you and your design personnel to set up the database stylebook and make sure it's working properly.

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