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Last modified: April 05. 2002 1:10PM

Image workflow
A complete solution for handling pictures

Other Publishing systems treat images as second-class citizens. They regard image workflow as an afterthought. From the very beginning, the SAXoPRESS system was built with a complete image workflow in mind.

Photo requests
It all starts with an idea for a story and a local photo assignment. By filling out a form in the Photo Booking Module, any user can create a photo request and submit it to the photo department. The photo request form contains all the standard assignment information, including time, place, contact name and phone number, story details, etc. Photo editors can then use the optional Photo Budget Module to assign these requests to specific photographers and keep track of the assignments.

Importing images
Images received from the Associated Press can be routed from the AP LeafDeskT or the AP ServerT to a network hot folder. Using the MultiConverter, these wire images can auto-matically be imported into the SAXoPRESS system with all their attached IPTC header information indexed and sorted. Local images can be captured from digital cameras, or scanned in using any desktop scanning applications. Once the digital image files are available, using FotoWare's PhotoStationT software integrated with SAXoPRESS, photo staff can attach any necessary header information to the file. SAXoPRESS stores and tracks the original high-resolution RGB JPEG versions of the image throughout the production process.

Browsing thumbnails
Using the Wire Photos Module and the Local Photos Module, users can browse through thumbnail images of live wire and local photos. They can see all the images available for publication and read the attached header information.

Linking images
Photos can be attached to a story by clicking on an image thumbnail in either of the photo modules and dragging and dropping it into the caption area of a story open in SAXoTEXT. The image thumbnail will now be visible in the text editor window and the attached caption will be available for editing. Photos can be assigned to pages in much the same way - by clicking on the thumbnails of the selected images and dragging and dropping them onto a page in the Layout Module.

Formatting images
Images can be cropped and formatted at any time from within either of the photo modules, as well as from within the Article Composer window of SAXoTEXT - and directly on the page in QuarkXPress. Formatting options are available from a drop-down list and are based on the publication's custom stylebook information.

Placing images
If an image has been pre-assigned to a QuarkXPress page, it can be placed anywhere on the layout by dragging it from the SAXoPRESS palette in Quark and dropping it onto the page. Once the photo is dropped onto the page, the correct QuarkXPress boxes are drawn and the image is imported and cropped according to its applied stylebook formatting - all automatically.

Image processing
Once a final size, crop, and output style have been chosen in Quark, the image can be manually prepared by photo technicians working in Adobe PhotoshopT, or may be prepared for your imagesetters by SAXoTECH's Automatic Image Processor. The Image Processor, which uses the FotoWare Color FactoryT imaging engine, can automatically crop, tone, sharpen, and convert the images for final output. The Image Processor is a background application that is configured very precisely for your publication's output devices and according to its standards.

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