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Last modified: October 09. 2003 11:29AM

Advertising System Support
  • Managing Editor ALST, AdForceT
  • Mactive AdbaseT
  • Atex EnterpriseT
  • SCS Layout 8000T
  • Integrated page production with QuarkXPressT
    Tools help automate the process of building QuarkXPressT pages

    SAXoTECH has directly integrated the page layout and print production capabilities of QuarkXPress 4.1x and 5.xT into SAXoPRESS through a series of XTensions that allow the award-winning desktop publishing tool to communicate with the rest of the system.

    These XTensions were designed to make the job of constructing newspaper and magazine pages in QuarkXPress much simpler and less time-consuming. With SAXoPRESS, your page designers do not have to spend hours fussing with elements on their QuarkXPress pages. They can:

  • Use the SAXoPRESS Palette to view the status and formatting of assigned elements and then drag and drop those elements in the database onto pages

  • Typography, element spacing, and layout options are all easily accessed from the integrated system stylebook

  • The Image Processing system can automatically crop, tone, sharpen and convert photos according to options set on the QuarkXPress page

  • Manage article jumps dynamically across multiple QuarkXPress documents

  • Changes made to stories on the QuarkXPress pages are copied back to the originals in the database

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