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Last modified: November 12. 2001 11:53AM

Page workflow
Content-driven and layout-driven tools

Pages can be built by your staff in a number of ways. The following are two of the possible workflow scenarios:

Content-driven production
In a content-driven workflow, an editor assigns elements from a budget to various sections or pages in a publication. (In SAXoPRESS, this is done by dragging and dropping elements from the Articles Module to the Layout Module.)

Page editors are notified of the content assignments and place the elements on the pages. (In SAXoPRESS, these assignments can be seen in the Palette in QuarkXPress. Elements can also be formatted and placed on the page from the Palette.)

The paginators then make the pages look good and make the content fit on the QuarkXPress pages. (Paginators do this using Quark's standard layout and typographic tools.)

Layout-driven production
In a layout-driven workflow, a designer starts by sketching out a layout for a page, or group of pages. (This can be done using our Story Tool for QuarkXPress, or with the normal layout tools.)

The editor then either looks for content that will fit the different spaces on the pages, or assigns the spaces to content creators for them to fill. (In SAXoPRESS, editors can drag and drop content directly from the user modules onto the page. Editors can also use the Layout Tool to assign story shapes to particular users. The final edits are made on the XPress pages to make everything fit.)

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