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Last modified: November 12. 2001 12:02PM

Integrated archiving
Long-term storage for your text, photos and pages

SAXoTECH has created a very powerful integrated archiving system specially designed to work with SAXoPRESS. The SAXoBRS Archiving System can be set up to automatically archive and index:

  • Published articles (as indexed ASCII text)

  • Published images (as high-resolution RGB JPEG files)

  • And published pages (as Adobe AcrobatT PDF files)

  • In addition, unpublished stories, images, and pages can be manually stored in the archive.

    All users can easily search the content repository from their desktops with a powerful, flexible - but simple - search client.

    With this search client, they can quickly search the full text index of the archive by supplying search terms and using standard search operators. For example:

  • Search for stories and photos containing a particular word or phrase in any part of the article

  • Limit the search by date created or date published

  • Limit the search by using the operators "and", "or", "not", "near", etc.

  • Building relationships
    Because this archive is integrated directly into SAXoPRESS, once a user finds any piece of content, a set of links to all related elements is automatically generated.

    So, when the user searches for a particular story, they can also see a list of the photos and other related elements that ran with the story, as well as a link to a full-color PDF version of the page.

    All of this is possible, because the SAXoPRESS production system can speak directly to the SAXoBRS Archiving system.

    And, of course, any of the individual elements - images or text - can be easily re-used in SAXoPRESS.

    Pressing one button gives users access to a dialog that lets them copy an image back to the production system. All the attached text information (caption, date, photographer, etc.) is preserved.

    The archive also eliminates the possibility of multiple archived copies of the same image by keeping track of every time the element has been published.

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