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Last modified: November 12. 2001 12:00PM

Automatic image processing
Eliminate repetitive pre-press tasks

As companies face the need to efficiently process large volumes of high quality digital images, the need for pre-press automatization increases.

SAXoTECH's Automatic Image Processor, with the FotoWare Color FactoryT engine, performs many of the repetitive pre-press tasks for SAXoPRESS users.

The Image Processor is a highly efficient server application tailor-made to process large quantities of digital images. It can manage image flow, quality control, color management, image enhancement and archive preparation.

Color Factory supports many image file formats, and can automatically convert them to image-formats for SAXoPRESS.

Color Factory can convert images to the RGB, CMYK and cieLab color spaces - or to grayscale. Color Factory lets you control every aspect of the CMYK separation process, and includes several algorithms for image separation:

  • The built-in Profile Editor lets you easily create native FotoSync profiles for CMYK conversion

  • Standard ICC-profiles for CMYK separation are supported through the new Kodak Color Management system

  • Adobe Photoshop separation tables are also supported by Color Factory

  • Color Factory can also enhance images through color adjustment, black and white point setting, unsharp mask and other filters such as dust-removal, hsl-filters and individual processing of lab channels with unsharp mask.

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