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Last modified: November 12. 2001 11:58AM

Remote access
Thin client gives users complete functionality

SAXoTECH firmly believes that Internet technologies will revolutionize the way publishers do business and fundamentally change the way their employees do their work.

Because of that, SAXoTECH created SAXoAnyWare — a product that has two possible benefits for publishers: remote access and thin-client computing.

Remote access
When used over the Interent, or via a dialup connection, SAXoAnyWare allows users to access the live production environment, and perform all the same user functions of the full client applications — all through a Web browser interface.

The user interface is identical to the full 32-bit client applications. With SAXoAnyWare, users can:

  • Write and edit stories in SAXoTEXT

  • Locate and attach images and captions with either of the photo modules

  • Track the progress of pages

  • Thin-client computing
    Publishers can also implement SAXoAnyware™ on their local area networks as a thin-client solution. This is possible, because the user software doesn’t run on the workstation, but instead on the application server. Maintenance costs are dramatically reduced by removing the user software from the client workstation.

    The client hardware requirements are very modest and could save you the expense of purchasing all new hardware. The software can also work with the inexpensive thin-client terminal devices now on the market.

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