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Last modified: October 09. 2003 11:28AM

Ad layout system integration
Automate the creation of Quark and InDesign Pages

SAXoTECH's Ad Integration Robot accepts the manifest from the Customer's Layout system and creates the physical Quark or InDesign pages from its information. Depending upon the depth of information supplied from the manifest, the Robot can be configured to create a dummied layout, automatically interpret and create Rules around the ads, and can assume the appropriate naming convention used by your imposition software.
Futhermore, the pages produced from the Robot can incorporate SAXoTECH's AutoText Masks. AutoText Masks simplify the creation of consistent features of your pages such as folios and mastheads.
SAXoTECH has integrated with several Ad Layout systems. Please contact your sale representative for the most current list.

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