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Tansa proofreads your content for the following errors:
  • Spelling: "Collin Powell" or "Colin Powell"

  • Construction:
    "at the present time" or "now"

  • Style: "Elkhart, IN" or "Elkhart, Ind."

  • Punctuation: Locates and corrects double spaces, accents, apostrophes, etc.

  • Hyphenation: Inserts soft hyphens for QuarkXPressT and Adobe InDesignT in all the places a word may be correctly hyphenated on a printed page
Tansa Text Proofing System
How much is error-free text worth to you?

Seeking to produce more content in an increasing number of formats, publishers are fighting an uphill battle against spelling and typographical errors, incorrect word usage, style violations, and improper hyphenation.

Simple "spelling checkers" are only capable of catching the most basic mistakes. A more advanced kind of text proofing application is needed to help content creators and editors do their jobs more efficiently.

That is why the Tansa Text Proofing System was created.
Unlike any other spelling checker you've ever worked with, Tansa proofreads your content in phrases of up to five words at a time, making it capable of checking not only the spelling of words, but also the usage of words and the style of your writing.

Tansa accomplishes this by checking the words in your documents against several dictionaries and sets of style rules customized specifically for your organization.

Improves quality
Tansa has been proven to reduce the number of printed typographical and gramatical errors by as much as 90 percent(1).

How much would you be willing to pay for that kind of insurance against simple mistakes?

The use of Tansa also helps to enforce the consistent use of language and style in publications.

Saves money
Customers using Tansa have documented dramatic increases in the productivity of their journalists and copy desk editors. By allowing Tansa to catch most of the simple spelling, style, and grammar mistakes, these employees can work up to 40 percent faster(2).

Does more
With Tansa, one system checks all of the documents created across your entire organization for spelling, construction, style, punctuation, and hyphenation mistakes - all at the same time.

To do all this properly, the Tansa Server would need to be very fast.
It is. A typical Tansa installation is capable of processing more than 60,000 words per second.

There simply is no other text proofing tool like it available on the market today.

Tansa architecture
The Tansa Text Proofing System is a sophisticated, server-based proofreading system designed specifically to meet the needs of companies that produce large volumes of text.
Tansa is meant to be a quality assurance system for your text. Simply spelling words correctly is only part of what the system is meant to handle.

In fact, Tansa is not a "spelling checker" of the kind found in most word processing packages. These programs merely check words against a static dictionary and are tripped up by compound phrases, inflections, or other constructs that don't fit into a predetermined pattern. Tansa uses a dynamic model of the text, and is therefore able to correct words in context.

Publishing companies also need a simple way to enforce a common set of rules for the appropriate selection of word forms (for example, "canceled" or "cancelled"?), the choice of words (for example, "it appears that" or "apparently"), and the use of terminology (for example, "Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu" or "Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu").

The Tansa dictionaries are customized for each installation. Starting with a base dictionary of 350,000 English words, the custom dictionaries are built by analyzing at least one year's worth of a publication's archived text.

The implementation process ensures that the custom dictionaries will include the full names of local newsmakers, the proper place names of local landmarks, and any technical terms that you require.

The Tansa system can also include any local or 3rd-party stylebook rules (like the Associated Press Stylebook, or the New York Times Manual of Style and Usage).
In total, Tansa's auxiliary dictionaries and logical algorithms give it a "virtual" look-up capability equivalent to millions of words and word forms.

Tansa's server application records all interactions with the clients, and these log files are analyzed and the dictionaries are updated by us on a quarterly basis. In addition, the Tansa administrator at your site can update the server's dictionaries at any time. To minimize the possibility of errors being added to the server-based dictionaries, they are protected and can only be updated by someone with administrator privileges.
Tansa is an open, client/server-based system.

On the client side, it was designed to be platform-independent, which means that it can be integrated with most existing systems. The Tansa Proofing Client is currently running inside many of the most popular desktop publishing applications and enterprise publishing systems available (including editorial, front-office, and display advertising applications).

The Tansa Server is capable of communicating with different users (eg., reporters and page designers) running different applications (eg., Microsoft WordT and QuarkXPressT) on different platforms (eg., Windows 2000T and Mac OST). In this way, everyone in your organization can take advantage of Tansa.

For page designers, the Tansa Hyphenation Client is an add-on module that works directly with QuarkXPressT and Adobe InDesignT, ensuring proper hyphenation of words on the printed page.

For users of other publishing systems, there is an Application Programming Interface (API) that developers can use to easily connect most other editing applications to the Tansa server.

Current System Platforms
Tansa Server:
  • Microsoft Windows NTT or Windows 2000T

Tansa Proofing Client:
  • Adobe InDesignT (Windows and Mac OS)
  • Lotus NotesT and WordProT (Windows)
  • Microsoft WordT (Windows and Mac OS)
  • QuarkXPressT (Windows and Mac OS)
  • Quark Publishing SystemT
  • SAXoPRESS Publishing SystemT
  • Unisys HermesT

Tansa Hyphenation Client:
  • QuarkXPressT (Windows and Mac OS)
  • Adobe InDesignT (Windows and Mac OS)
System requirements
The Tansa system consists of a server program and clients for use with a number of standard text editors. There are separate clients for proofreading and hyphenation, and they may be used individually or together.

Tansa can be adapted to any western language. At the moment it is available for:

  • Norwegian (Bokmål and Nynorsk)
  • Swedish
  • Danish
  • English (British and American)

Tansa Server
The server runs under Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000. Tansa may run concurrently with other software, enabling both the file server and the Tansa server to run on the same machine. The server requires 128 MB RAM and a minimum of 200 MB free hard disk space.

Tansa Proofreading Client
The Tansa Proofreading Client can be used with the following programs, among others:

  • SAXoTEXT (Mac OS and Windows)
  • QuarkCopyDesk SE (Mac OS and Windows)
  • QuarkXPress (Mac OS and Windows)
  • Microsoft Word (Mac OS and Windows)
  • Lotus Notes (Windows)
  • Lotus WordPro (Windows)
  • Adobe InDesign (Mac OS and Windows)

Tansa Administrator Client
The Tansa Administrator Client lets the system administrator make temporary adaptations to the Tansa system, independent of the regular updating routines. The client lets the administrator add proper names, words and phrases. User-defined dictionaries may also be exported and imported.

For more information
For more information about Tansa's compatibility, contact a SAXoTECH sales professional.

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