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Last modified: June 14. 2005 5:29PM

How Publicus works
HTML pages are generated 'on the fly'

Publicus is a dynamic online publishing solution based around a single database of content. The system separates the editing of the content from the actual HTML generation and presentation. All of your online content is automatically fed into the database from any number of systems that we integrate - editing systems, financial systems, wire agencies, etc.

Publicus automatically creates the Web site for you - based on how the content is organized in the database and on the templates that you design.

The created Web pages are not static. Whenever you make changes to the content in the database, Publicus automatically makes all the new HTML pages. All of this happens automatically - with no human intervention required.

Publicus is easy for content creators and editors to use. Because the system was designed to integrate with your existing systems, users do not need to learn any complicated new tools. They are allowed to focus on the content on the site. The software does the rest.

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