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Last modified: August 17. 2001 11:23AM

Publicus Templates
Simple extension of HTML

The look and feel of your Web site is up to you. Site design is based on a small number of template files that are created and managed by technical staff - not content creators or editors.

The Publicus template system uses a simple, object-oriented extension of HTML designed specifically for the job of electronic publishing. The template files can be created in any HTML editor, and the Publicus tags are inserted wherever you want database objects displayed. Because of the speed limitations of scripting languages (like Micro-soft's Active Server PagesT), Publicus does not use scripts to generate HTML pages.

The Publicus template system is fully compliant with the current World Wide Web Consortium standards (including the HTML 4.0 specification) and can adapt to future standards. Publicus does not restrict your design in any way.

The Publicus Object Model allows you to design every item (or object) that appears on all of your templates. Think of an object as a "micro template". An object for Publicus can be any type of information that is pulled from the database and displayed in a template.

Using the standard set of objects that we provide, it is possible to quickly build a basic content site. In addition, you can create your own objects and define how each will be displayed top create your own Publicus applications.

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