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Last modified: April 11. 2002 12:47PM

Raise your sites
Add-On Modules can add depth, interactivity

Publicus is a modular system. After installing the Base System, you can add any of the Add-On Modules we have created to give your site additional functionality.

Many Internet publishing solutions have features similar to the Publicus Base System, but the advantages of using our system become very apparent when you install the Add-On Modules to our basic solution.

Publicus was originally created in 1996 as a system for newspapers to publish their print content online. Since that time, the World Wide Web has changed a great deal.

So has Publicus.

All of the Add-On Modules described on the following pages were created in response to customer requests for additional features for their Web sites. Depending on the type of site you wish to create, you can add any or all of them to your Base System at any time.

The Internet continues to change rapidly. Thanks to the modular nature of Publicus, we can create new functions quickly and you can include them on your site whenever you like, with little disruption.

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