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Last modified: August 17. 2001 1:12PM

Image processing
Publicus can prepare all the images for your site

Through a simple Web browser interface, users can upload and attach images to stories in the Publicus database. The system will automatically prepare all the images needed for publication on the site.
Images can be imported by Publicus in all the most common formats and are automatically processed and sized according to how they will be used on the site - eliminating a great deal of manual image manipulation.

Publicus uses its own image handling engine. Primarily it was created to ensure proper file compression and color reliability.

Users can send a high-resolution image to Publicus (at least large enough for the widest display needed for the site). The high-resolution image is stored in the database, and it is used to create the low-resolution images required by the browsers. The Automatic Image Processor in Publicus accepts image files in a number of bitmap formats and then automatically converts them to the 24-bit RGB JPEG files used by Web browsers.

In addition, Publicus can generate all the various versions of the image required by your site design (full-size images, thumbnails, etc.).

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