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Last modified: November 12. 2001 12:08PM

Search engine
Full-text searching and keyword indexes

The basic Publicus system includes a full-text indexing engine, allowing you to easily enable visitors to search through all - or any part - of the content on the site, based on any word used in any article. This means there is no need to add a third-party search engine to your Web publishing system.

The user interface, like all of the interfaces in Publicus, is up to you. You can provide either simple or complex search interfaces (or both).
Visitors can use standard search terms and operators to perform more complex queries of the database, including:

  • "and"
  • "or"
  • "not"
  • "near"

  • Keyword indexing
    Publicus' full-text engine can also be used to automatically generate keyword indexes that can be placed anywhere within your site to aid user navigation. The indexes are organized and sorted in alphabetical order.

    For example, if you add keywords to all your movie reviews, the software can use those keywords to automatically create a categorized, alphabetical list of all the movies you've ever reviewed.

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