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Last modified: January 10. 2002 3:35PM

User registration and passwords
Protect your content in any way you like

With Publicus, you can make any part of your Web site (or all of it) password-protected. Publicus can also be configured to make certain content available to everyone, while other content can be available to only those visitors in a subscriber database.

Publicus can present the visitors with a form they must fill out before seeing any of the protected content. This registration information is saved in the database for user recognition later (and perhaps for marketing purposes).

Registration data can be captured in a number of areas on the site, and in conjunction with several of the Add-on Modules. For example, if you deploy the E-Commerce Module, when a user purchases something online they must first register themselves.

All user registrations are stored in the same user database, no matter where on the site the information was gathered.

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