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Last modified: August 20. 2001 3:54PM

E-Commerce Module
Easily sell goods and services online

The E-Commerce Module is a complete solution for publishers wanting to conduct sales of goods and services on the Internet.

For example, you might use the E-Commerce Module to:
  • Sell online subscriptions to your print publication
  • Sell access to your online archive of stories and photos
  • Create an online shopping mall for advertising customers looking for an inexpensive way to build an e-business

Many businesses - especially small local businesses - don't have the resources or the know-how to run an e-commerce solution. By using the E-Commerce Module you can offer your customers and business partners an uncomplicated e-commerce solution connected to your Web site.

Unlike most other e-commerce solutions, Publicus was engineered to host multiple online "stores" on the same Web site. This allows you to create your own e-commerce solution for selling subscriptions online, and to build other stores on your site for a local merchants to take online orders and process those transactions.

Each store can have its own inventory, pricing, billing system and shipping services. Administration is done through simple (and secure) Web browser forms. Each merchant maintains all that information for themselves. And to keep life simple, the system will be integrated into each merchants' existing billing and credit card processing systems. Like all the other Publicus modules, the layout and design of each store is customizable.

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