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Last modified: August 17. 2001 1:57PM

Agenda Module
Calendar data can be captured for both online and print production

Publicus can turn your traditional calendar workflow on its head and make producing both the online and print versions of your calendars much easier.

The Agenda Module gives you a way to receive and sort through the large number of items in your event calendars through a simple Web browser interface.

The Publicus database can store all the events occurring in your area for years to come (because there is no limit to the amount of data you can store), and a subset of that data can automatically be transferred to your editing system for print production as needed.

All the calendar data will be searchable in different ways online. And if event organizers supply images or logos, these can automatically be prepared and published as well.

Data registration
Publicus provides an event registration function that allows both your employees and the event organizers to enter event data in the same simple interface using a Web browser.

All the event data is stored as "unpublished", until a staff member can edit the content and verify its authenticity. When an event is approved, it goes directly onto your Web site.

Printing calendar data
Because Publicus was created originally for publishing companies, the system can export any of the calendar data from Publicus to a print publishing system.

The system can be set to export calendar data at pre-defined times, in several formats.

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