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Last modified: August 17. 2001 2:00PM

Community Publishing Module
Build traffic by including community groups on your site

One proven way to build traffic to your Web site is to give community groups a special area to publish their own news and information for themselves. Group members create and edit the content, and they publicize the relationship with you and your Web site.

To make this work, however, you need to make it very easy for the group members to update the content.

The Community Publishing Module is a simplified version of the basic Publicus editing system which allows you to offer a Web publishing solution for business partners, schools and other groups. This allows these community groups to do basic article and picture publishing in an area of your site, based on templates that you create (usually with the help of the groups).

For example, you could set up a section of your site for all the grade school soccer teams in your area. The coaches of the teams can be given access to their content and be allowed to post stories and scores and announcements for all the parents and kids to read online. The coach only needs a Web browser and some sort of Internet access. They can be trained to use the software very quickly.

Plus, you can export any of the data created by the groups for your print publications.

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