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Last modified: November 21. 2001 1:49PM

Multi-Channel Module
Publish the same content to multiple formats

The Publicus Base System was designed to present content in Web browsers (using the HTML format), but over the last few years additional online publishing formats have been developed and publishers now need a way to easily reach those audiences with their content as well.

The Publicus Multi-Channel Module allows you to automatically publish the same content to other electronic media without any additional labor.
The same news or information can be broadcast on different "channels", without having to re-publish or copy it over and over. You may also use it to publish the same information on different Web sites that you, or your partners, have built.

Some examples of channels that you can create with the Multi-Channel Module include:
  • PalmThandheld publishing
  • Partner Web sites
  • E-mail digest
  • WAP phone publishing

The various "channels" work in two basic ways.

For example, some channels are "live" and have direct, online access to the site (like WebTVT). For these channels, the browser type can be identified and a special set of templates designed for those browsers could be used to serve the content.

Other channels are "offline", and are static in nature (for example, e-mail digests). For these channels, Publicus exports data from the database in a format that the channel requires - usually in static files. These files can then be transmitted to the users for them to view and use offline.

The method Publicus uses for handling these other media and formats is extremely flexible and built with the future in mind, so that when the next big thing comes around, you'll be ready to take advantage of it.

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