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Last modified: August 17. 2001 2:06PM

Classified Integration
So far, we have integrated the Classifieds Module with legacy systems from the following vendors:
Classifieds Module
Your legacy systems can now publish online

The Publicus Classifieds Module allows you to publish classified ad content from legacy systems on a Web site. With it, you can easily create a searchable database of classified ads in any categories, including:

The search interface (like all the interfaces in Publicus) can be customized. For example, each category of classified ad can have its own search interface template and searching abilities.

The Classifieds Module will be integrated with your existing classified advertising front-end and billing systems. In this way, Publicus can receive an export of the data from your existing system and create the searchable database of ads on the Web automatically.

Depending on the type of advertising system you currently have in place, and when used in conjunction with the E-Commerce Module, classified ads can also be created and edited in a browser interface. If possible, Publicus will capture the data and pass the transaction to the advertising system for booking and billing of the ad.

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