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Last modified: March 18. 2002 3:09PM

Application Service Provider (ASP) / Web hosting
SAXoTECH offers Publicus as a hosted service

SAXoTECH, Inc. is the first editorial system vendor to become a complete Application Service Provider (ASP) and offer its online publishing system as a "hosted" application.

The Publicus Online Publishing System was designed from the ground up to be an ASP solution that allows newspapers to create Web sites entirely "remotely", with only one small SAXoTECH application installed at the customer's location. The rest of the system can be installed and managed at a SAXoTECH datacenter or at one of our hosting service partners.

This means that SAXoTECH or one of its partners can be hired to install, configure, and maintain the customer's entire Publicus Online Publishing System. This can eliminate the hardware costs for the customer, and dramatically reduce the administration costs of building and maintaining a first-class Web site.

ASP Services
As part of your Publicus hosting agreement, SAXoTECH, or one of its partners, can be contracted to provide all of the following:

  • Hardware: SAXoTECH is responsible for purchasing and setting up all the hardware necessary to run the Web server, all the Publicus software, and the database. These servers will be high-speed, highly redundant server boxes built with high-quality components and optimized for Web site hosting.
  • Support: Maintaining the continuous uptime of your Web site and Internet applications is the number one goal of our maintenance services. Years of complex hosting and feedback from clients has allowed us to develop proven solutions for your applications maintenance needs, including: 24/7 continuous real-time observation of all Internet services; proactive monitoring and site security services; centralized trouble reporting; Web usage statistics; and secured data backup of your site and database.
  • Internet Connectivity: Your Web server will be connected the backbone of a true Tier One Internet provider with multiple OC-12 and OC-48 redundancy throughout the network.

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