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Seybold Bulletin highlights Publicus at America East
SaxoTech showed its Web Publishing system, Publicus, designed for medium-size newspapers. The system, which has been available in Europe, is a dynamic database-driven system that supports multi-channel publishing (to browsers, Palm Pilots, phones,...
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SEYBOLD reviews SAXoPRESS and Publicus 3.0 at America East 2000
"Saxotech has done more to enhance its Web publishing than any other company at the show"
"The most notable aspect of Publicus at this stage is its completeness"
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Newspaper & Technology review of NEXPO 2000 product releases

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SaxoTech sells systems
"Saxotech continues its development of real solutions to the problems facing newspapers today by designing software that is fully compatible with thin-client hardware and software standards."
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Cole Papers Newswire writes
"SAXOTECH The supplier of publishing systems has announced new releases of both the SAXoPRESS Content Management System and the Publicus Web Publishing System."
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