• Streamline scheduling, pricing, ordering and billing
  • Create easy-to-use quote documents
  • Real-time customer relationship management sales tools
  • Single point of management for all online sales activity
  • Open API

SAXOTECH's Ad Sales Management provides media companies with a comprehensive platform to monetize online media products. Serving as a single point of management for all online media sales activities, the system provides streamline scheduling, pricing, quoting, ordering, publishing and billing combinations of online display ads and directory listings. Use Ad Sales Management to create easy-to-understand quote documents with price, publishing and performance line items for all digital products for advertisers. It also includes real-time customer relationship management sales tools to help plan and execute aggressive campaigns.

Built upon "on-demand" technology, SAXOTECH's Ad Sales Management system offers tremendous integration potential and rapid deployment of new functionality to keep pace with the quickly changing online advertising landscape. It features an open API, including a flexible Ad Export API that can be streamlined to legacy print advertising systems to provide support for quoting offline ads. SAXOTECH's Ad Sales Management is delivered as a subscription-based solution.

  • Rapidly deploy lucrative directories
  • Offer profitable up-sell options
  • Connect merchants with target markets
  • Improve visibility with search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Utilize self service ad booking

SAXOTECH's Directory Publishing Center provides media companies with the ability to easily create and deploy niche directories, geo domains and boutique sites to maximize local revenue opportunities. Featuring a high-level category layout for major points of interest in the local community, the Directory Publishing Center makes it easy for digital audiences to find businesses, services and activities in their cities and towns. The Directory Publishing Center's toolset makes it easy to add engaging components or behaviors to an advertiser's listing creating profitable up-sell opportunities. In addition, the Directory Publishing Center comes standard with Marketplace, a local business directory component, which can be easily modeled to meet specific branding requirements. List and detail views within the center are search-optimized for improved visibility within major Internet search engines.

The Directory Publishing Center's on-demand, Web-based management component provides a feature-rich environment for managing the business rules of multiple directory portals. The included self-service online ad booking portal provides a "point-and-click" process for creating listings and includes the tools needed to offer premium up-sell options to featured advertisers. The portal features bi-directional self service capabilities allowing an advertiser to build out their courtesy listings, update all aspects of their content and terminate or renew the schedule for a listing. Credit card payment processing through the PayPal Payflow service is also available.

The Directory Publishing Center may be used independently or in conjunction with SAXOTECH's Mediaware Center. When used in association with SAXOTECH's Mediaware Center it is possible to create combination products such as City Guides with elaborate mixes of editorial content and business listings and also more specific vertical directory portals for segments (such as a medical or real estate directory), further increasing search engine optimization, enhancing a reader's experience and expanding revenue opportunities.

  • Deliver predictability to online advertising sales
  • Realize better business results
  • Reduce unsold inventory and maximize ad revenue
  • Utilize in-depth inventory, reporting and scheduling tools
  • Schedule ads from any computer, any time, anywhere
SAXOTECH's Online Advertising Management Server (OAMS) can help you meet some of the biggest challenges you face with online advertising management. It delivers predictability to online advertising sales and measurement.

OAMS is a high performance online advertising management system created to help publishers realize better business results. By providing better visibility into online ad inventory, OAMS gives publishers, online managers and ad managers the power to reduce unsold inventory and maximize ad revenue. It provides in-depth inventory, reporting and scheduling tools that provide more control over total available impressions.

As a browser-based solution, sales staff can use OAMS to schedule ads from any computer, any time, anywhere.

OAMS can be deployed with any online publishing solution, but provides increased efficiencies when deployed with the SAXOTECH Mediaware Center. An enterprise addition of OAMS is also available providing inventory analysis and prediction, inventory-based scheduling and a number of additional advanced scheduling options.
  • Attract small to medium sized businesses
  • Create micro sites via easy-to-use self service portal
  • Add video, logos, pictures, description and hours on demand
  • Integration to PayPal (Subscription based billing)
  • Ability to route, check and verify the ad before being publishing
SAXOTECH's Self Serve is an intuitive point-and-click tool that allows advertisers to buy premium positions in list views, upload photos and add coupon promotions. It provides value to the media company's user community while providing an excellent promotion for the advertiser.

Through SAXOTECH's Self Serve, businesses can also keep information such as hours of operation, services offered and profiles updated through a secure authenticated access. The "claim your business" option can be configured to either have listing updates pre-approved by the media company's representatives or to publish automatically after payments have been confirmed. This option greatly reduces a media company's cost of acquiring paid advertiser participation in the business directory.

SAXOTECH's Self Serve integrates seamlessly with the PayPal Payflow Pro payment gateway.