Seamless integration SAXOTECH Online and X-CAGO Archive ExPress

SAXOTECH Online (digital publishing and content management system) and X-CAGO Archive ExPress (digital archive system) are now connected with a seamless interface and is available to in- and export data from SAXOTECH Online into X-CAGO Archive ExPress and vice versa. The Media Groep Limburg ( was the first as well as launching customer enjoying the benefits from the interface between the two best in class solutions.
About SAXOTECH Online
SAXOTECH Online is a digital publishing and content management system designed for use by media companies. It is flexible, scalable and open to integration and custom development using industry-standard coding languages. SAXOTECH Online provides a common repository for all media assets – from copy and images to video and audio. Its content production tools provide the means to create, edit and manage content and automatically present information to multiple digital channels with a single point of administration.
About X-CAGO Archive ExPress

Archive ExPress is X-CAGO's digital archiving system dedicated to the media industry. It is a web based flexible and scalable solution which can deal with extremely large archives as well as serving many concurrent users on-line. Enhancing access to newspaper collections is one of the fastest growing areas of archive disclosure and preservation. Many newspaper archives, formerly on PDF, paper or microfilm, with many practical difficulties to access, are literally brought back to life by full-text (XML based).
About the solution at MGL
SAXOTECH Online has an engine called "SAXOTECH OnlineRobot". This engine is an export application, which can export data from SAXOTECH Online in XML format.
This engine can be set up to run once (used if the customer wants to export all the data to the archive) or to run frequently during the day. The OnlineRobot can both be set up to receive or send XML files.
In the case of MGL, SAXOTECH has set up the OnlineRobot to export articles towards X-CAGO Archive ExPress. The engine automatically exports the latest Online articles available.
This solution is very simple and easy to use for customers, because no manual work is required. The export is made through close co-operation between SAXOTECH and X-CAGO to support the interface and establishing a seamless integration. MGL is now enjoying a digital archive containing both printed as well as online content.
SAXOTECH is a software development and systems implementation company founded in 1993 to exclusively serve the media industry. SAXOTECH helps media companies meet current and future challenges in the media landscape by providing cost efficient solutions for new business models based on multimedia, multi-channel consumer interaction. Our scalable, easy-to-implement solutions are used to plan, create, edit, design and publish content as well as drive online directories and serve display advertising through multiple channels. Our customers receive world-class implementation, training and support complemented by ongoing development of products and best practices. Today, SAXOTECH's solutions are in use by more than 600 news organizations around the world.
About X-CAGO
Established in 2000, X-CAGO is a private technology company based in the Netherlands. X-CAGO has developed an innovative and patented suite of software solutions, which bridges the gap between the print, archive and online worlds. Through its advanced technology, X-CAGO delivers creative solutions over the Internet to readers anywhere in the world, and is recognized as a true innovator of new products and technologies. X-CAGO's software solutions manage growing volumes of media content by letting clients securely capture analogue (paper or microfilm) as well as digital documents (PDF, XML) and information, organize and catalogue this information and deliver knowledge on demand. In short, the software enables customers to capture, store and distribute content in an efficient and secure way. X-CAGO's core software modules have underlying patents for their unique segmentation algorithms that deconstructs the layout of newspaper pages into individual constituents, i.e. articles and advertisements. Our mission is to provide cost efficient solutions and new business models to our clients. X-CAGO provides a 24/7 servicer, each single day of the year. Today, X-CAGO's solutions are in use by more than 1.100 newspapers worldwide.