Copenhagen, Denmark - November 16, 2009 - SAXOTECH, a leading international provider of content management and advertising solutions, is pleased to announce another major step in one of the largest newsroom transformations which, when complete, will include more than 80 print and digital product titles. Berlingske Media, Denmark's largest news publishing group, is deploying the SAXOTECH Mediaware Center as its comprehensive solution for content creation, content sharing and channel management.
The SAXOTECH Mediaware Center is a highly configurable workflow-centric content management system that enables Berlingske Media to produce and share content in a streamlined and collaborative environment. The tight integration of the SAXOTECH Mediaware Center's print and digital channels will provide Berlingske Media's content producers and editors with the tools to plan stories and manage content based on resource availability. By managing each new story from conception through multi-channel delivery in the same system, producers realize unsurpassed productivity – extending content and online applications to enhance news publishing operations and further build the online community.
"This is an exciting time for Berlingske Media and we are pleased with the overall project success of the SAXOTECH implementation," said Lisbeth Knudsen, CEO, Berlingske Media. "Our goal is to make Berlingske Denmark's most well run and efficient media group addressing the needs of our readers, users and advertisers. With the SAXOTECH Mediaware Center, we have unified our newsrooms and will be able to produce content more efficiently and effectively."
With many of its titles already live on the SAXOTECH Mediaware Center, Berlingske Media will now be able to access one common editorial database across all media titles so any user can access content within one system with no limitations. Standardizing on the SAXOTECH Mediaware Center, Berlingske Media will have a common planning tool, workflow and similar way of producing content unifying their newsrooms.
"Berlingske has a very long history in Denmark and we are pleased to be a part of their newsroom convergence strategy," said Glenn Andersen, director, EMEA, SAXOTECH. "The use of planning across all newsrooms will revolutionize how content is produced. Our main goal with the project was to provide Berlingske with the tools needed to keep them in front of the publishing trends and provide a product that is in line with their passion, delivering knowledge and entertainment to all Danes wherever, whenever and however they want it."
As part of the newsroom convergence, Berlingske's Midjyske Medier went live today on SAXOTECH's Mediaware Center. More than 400 users now share content across a completely new workflow solution.
Tom Jensen, editorial director, Berlingske Tidende, explained that the new standardized workflow and content sharing provided by the SAXOTECH Mediaware Center has increased their newsroom efficiency and has enabled Berlingske Tidende to expand their coverage and provide readers with a better product, utilizing both print and digital media.
"The cooperation with SAXOTECH on this project has been a success and we are very pleased with the recent go live on one of the largest IT structural changes in Berlingske's history," said Torben Lundberg, IT director, Berlingske Media. "Implementing a common database and a completely new editorial workflow that allows content sharing across titles revolutionizes the way we can produce content. Together with SAXOTECH, we have established a comprehensive solution that fulfills our strategy. We look forward to working with SAXOTECH on further development of this solution."

Dorte Carlsen, editor in chief, Midjyske Medier, in connection with the go live said, "Now the editorial staff in Jutland can experience close collaboration while working together with colleagues from Copenhagen through the full usage of the SAXOTECH Mediaware Center."

About Berlingske Media
Berlingske Media is Denmark's largest newspaper publishing group. It is the parent company of 14 daily newspapers and almost 50 local newspapers on Sealand and in Jutland, and its printing works service both the group and outside clients. A wide range of internet services, local networks and local and regional radio stations in Jutland are helping the group to achieve its goal of becoming a broad-based media company. As the parent company Berlingske Media lays down the overall strategy for the media group and coordinates a range of service functions that are shared by the group's publishing companies, creating economies of scale from which the subsidiaries benefit. Since September 29, 2008 Berlingske Media (Formerly Det Berlingske Officin) is owned by Mecom Group plc, a British company which, in its publishing principles, also emphasizes the importance of journalistic independence. The Berlingske group employs about 2,500 people.

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