Tampa, Fla., December 17, 2009 – As one of the most comprehensive solutions for content creation and channel management, SAXOTECH announced today the general release of the SAXOTECH Mediaware Center 6.5.0.

The SAXOTECH Mediaware Center provides content producers and editors with a robust platform and high-performance tools to organize story candidates, manage content and plan based on resource availability to present stories to best serve each channel. By managing each new story in the same system from the moment of conception through delivery, content producers get more out of their work and realize greater productivity. The result is better quality and content for both print and digital channels.

Under continuous development, incorporating innovations driven by collaboration with customers, partners and with forward-thinking software engineers, the SAXOTECH Mediaware Center has successfully incorporated new functionality critical to today’s media industry.

The newest software release brings the latest round of features and maintenance updates to provide an improved channel-based workflow that now combines planning with all the new Web features and layout-driven production tools into one very efficient workflow. Features include enhanced zoning, SAXOTECH InterConnect, improved integration with online systems, ad productivity and a number of key elements core to the platform.

Enhanced Zoning – The new "multi-page zoning" feature makes it possible to zone multiple articles to multiple pages from one single dialog. A new "master article overview" panel can be added to the workbench to show the entire "zone family" when a zoned article is selected in the article list.

Use of SAXOTECH InterConnect
– A Web-based sharing portal that makes it possible for different newspapers to share content. This very flexible product with open APIs is well integrated with the SAXOTECH Mediaware Center, but can also easily be used with other systems as well.

Improved SAXOTECH Online integration – All tools available in the same interface / workflow increase the reporter’s productivity while providing other users with the needed overview.

Additional key elements include:

  • Embedded browser
  • E-mail notification
  • Saved searches
  • Improved search
  • Auto categorization; integration

"The added functionality we’ve delivered with this release has really brought all the pieces of the SAXOTECH Mediaware Center together," said Pat Stewart, vice president of development, SAXOTECH. "We are sensitive to providing the enhancements that will provide the best value to our customers. With this version, the channel workflow now combines planning with all the new Web features and layout-driven production tools, maximizing efficiencies across the media organization."

For more information on how the new features in the SAXOTECH Mediaware Center release 6.5.0 translates into higher performance, visit

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