Tampa, Fla., March 30, 2010 – SAXOTECH announced today its program for mediaXchange, one of the largest technology exhibitions for the newspaper media industry taking place in Orlando, Fla., April 11–14, 2010. SAXOTECH will demonstrate its fully integrated multi-media, multi-channel newsroom solutions, extending the reach of the editorial staff to all types of audiences, channels and devices – no need for separate teams to handle specific channels. The company will also demonstrate its advertising solutions and present a way for media companies to own their local advertising market. Demonstrations and presentations will take place daily in SAXOTECH's interactive theater, booth number 407.
For years "newspaper" companies have embraced the new digital age, transitioning to become full-fledged media companies publishing news and information to a variety of channels. Business models have not yet matured but diligent efforts to increase efficiencies and experiment with revenue generation enables these media companies to essentially redefine the industry. Experience SAXOTECH at mediaXchange and see how one company can provide a complete suite of solutions designed to accomplish your digital goals and bring your media company to a new level of publishing.

Create a Fully Integrated Newsroom Environment
The SAXOTECH Mediaware Center provides media companies with one of the most comprehensive content creation and distribution solutions on the market today. This multi-channel workflow and content management system now provides content producers and editors with an improved channel-based workflow that combines planning with all the new online features and layout-driven production tools into one very efficient workflow. See the benefits of this year's innovative new features in real time including:

  • Light editor and picture-cropping – functionality imbedded into the workbench to support a smooth Web-first workflow.
  • Multi-page zoning – making it possible to zone multiple articles to multiple pages from one single dialog.
  • URL asset feature – a flexible URL asset tool added to the existing workflow that enables users to control content residing in third party databases such as Twitter and YouTube.
  • Enhanced Web client – providing users with the ability to connect to the SAXOTECH Mediaware Center from a browser running on a PC or a tablet.

Maximize the Reach of News and Information
SAXOTECH's Extended Content Distribution capabilities allow its systems to become channel-agnostic and highly customizable to meet the ever evolving needs of the audience. Recently, SAXOTECH has further augmented its solutions with best-of-breed channel-specific content distribution partners. These partnerships further enable content distribution to an even broader range of handheld devices and tablets and include subscription management functionality for enhanced reader service and monetization. Learn how SAXOTECH's Extended Content Distribution capabilities enable media companies to efficiently publish to multiple channels including print, digital, tablets, smart phones and other mobile devices all from one system.

Share Ideas, Plans and Content between Properties
SAXOTECH will demonstrate SAXOTECH InterConnect, a Web-based sharing portal that provides media companies with the ability to share content across its entire news organization or group of media properties. Content can be shared regardless of the front-end publishing system utilized by the various publications or the geographical location of the properties. The ability to exchange and share content between properties or publications can boost the variety and selection of content available for each publication and can also eliminate duplication of efforts. Learn how SAXOTECH InterConnect allows a media company to create a single centralized feature desk that can serve multiple publications.

Own the Local Online Advertising Market
SAXOTECH will preview its Local Ad Network concept developed in cooperation with AR&D (Audience Research & Development, LLC). This concept uniquely plays to the strength of local media companies and provides a road map to regain local advertising control. Media companies are in a strong position to gather relevant consumer information and use this information for well targeted advertising. Learn how an intimate knowledge of the local area and "feet on the street" positions media companies as strong opponents to big online players rapidly making inroads in the local advertising space.

In addition to SAXOTECH's in-depth presentation of its Local Ad Network concept it will also demonstrate its complete suite of Online Ad Solutions including:
  • SAXOTECH's Ad Sales Management – providing publishers with a comprehensive platform to monetize online media products and a single point of management for all online media sales activities.
  • SAXOTECH's Directory Publishing Center – allowing publishers to easily create a wide array of searchable directories, guides and index products for their local communities.

"As an industry leader, our experienced team of professionals take a personal interest in our customers' success and are committed to being at the forefront of development," said Anders Christiansen, chief executive officer, SAXOTECH. "Our solutions continue to be enhanced with the features and functionality needed to meet the demands of today and the innovations of the future. We are preparing for the future of content. Soon our systems will be augmented to allow our customers to collect behavior characteristics of their readers allowing them to provide both better content and greater revenue potential. With advancements such as this and throughout all aspects of our solutions, we invite you to experience SAXOTECH at mediaXchange 2010."

Visit SAXOTECH for an exciting and interactive experience at this year's mediaXchange, booth number 407. Solution presentations will be featured several times per day.