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IFRA Expo 2010

Ifra Expo
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We would like to invite you to attend one of our demos at IFRA, which will take place October 4 through 6 in Hamburg. Our demos are held at 10, 12, 14 and 16 each of the three days. We will provide inspiration on how to cope with the challenges faced by the Media Industry today.


With the arrival of the iPad, and an increased focus on mobile applications, the media industry is grappling with how to efficiently incorporate another publishing channel in to the multi-channel mix. Since resources have not increased, running a media company is now more complex than ever before.


At IFRA Expo 2010, SAXOTECH will show you how our software is helping media companies manage their resources and publish to more channels than ever before.


Much like last year's Final Cup coverage, we will show you our software in "real" live situations. You will see how a news company with a print newspaper - multiple websites - a mobile site - and an iPad app can serve all these channels effectively from one spot - SAXOTECH Mediaware Center.


This year's theme is Aalborg Carnival, and you can expect to see the following topics:

  • Cross channel story and resource planning
  • Centralized news production
  • Social media integration in the workflow
  • Layout driven print production
  • Auto categorization of news items (tagging & taxonomy)
  • WYSIWYG front page & section front editing (cross channel!)
  • Publishing to multiple channels, including iPad/Tablet

We are looking forward to seeing you at booth 1.335


Demos are scheduled by reservation and on a first-come, first-served basis.


Contact Us for a Live IFRA Expo DEMO