A-pressen Expands Relationship with SAXOTECH to Include Five Additional Media Properties

Aalborg, Denmark – September 20, 2010 – SAXOTECH, a leader in content management and advertising solutions, announced today A-pressen, one of Norway’s largest and most influential media groups with business activities including newspaper publishing, printing, TV and digital media, has made a commitment to expand its usage of the SAXOTECH Mediaware Center to include five additional media properties. The additional A-pressen properties will join 15 sites currently live on the SAXOTECH solution enabling the media group to leverage the immediate benefits of shared content and resources. SAXOTECH Mediaware Center and SAXOTECH Online will be demonstrated daily at IFRA Expo, Oct. 4 - 6 in Hamburg – SAXOTECH booth number 1.335.

The SAXOTECH Mediaware Center will provide the tools to expand the group’s competencies across all its newspaper properties, increasing efficiencies and cost savings without affecting the day-to-day production quality. The multi-channel workflow and content management solution will bring print and digital publishing together to provide the new properties with an open and collaborative work environment along with access to unprecedented amounts of material across all its newspaper properties, creating one unified newsroom. 


"Local newspapers will continue having a strong position in the Norwegian newspaper market. The key factor is to develop the media houses, to produce the content as efficient as possible, for both traditional paper and digital channels. Modern media houses can not be developed as stand alones, but need strong partners in order to meet new demands on technology and workflow. Saxotech has been a very important partner for A-pressen for many years. Through SAXOTECH Mediaware Center they deliver an editorial toolbox, that make us able to develop our local media houses," said Tom Lekang, CIO in A-pressen.


The optimization of resources created by the SAXOTECH Mediaware Center will guarantee that none of the content producers at A-pressen will be working on the same story at the same time. Utilizing the advanced planning and workflow features, A-pressen can send a single reporter out to an event instead of four.  Other journalists will then follow the development of the story, retrieve it from the database and add to it from another angle. In addition, with a common template based on the production of articles in the SAXOTECH Mediaware Center, journalists are free to focus on writing instead of editing, resulting in better use of time and resources.


“A-pressen will be one of the most cost-effective players within print in Norway and will, through partnerships and alliances, contribute to structural changes to maximize return on capital,” said Baard Mo, Norway market manager, SAXOTECH. “Having worked with A-Pressen for more than a decade, SAXOTECH is proud to be experiencing a good and constructive partnership. We trust SAXOTECH Mediaware Center will help A-pressen reach their goal to produce and publish content in the most cost efficient way possible, and we look forward to proceeding with the implementation project.”


About A-pressen
A-pressen is the second largest media group in Norway, holding 49 newspapers in total. A-pressen is also a major player in the Norwegian digital media and TV market. A-pressen reached a total turnover at NOK 4.510 mill, with an EBITDA at NOK 447 mill for 2009.


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