Times Argus Embraces SAXOTECH and Cloud Computing For Disaster Recovery

Cloud technology has been all the buzz in tech circles for the past several years. It's flexible, it's secure, it's scalable, provides redundancy and 24/7 access. But recently, media companies are discovering its hidden benefits when facing the natural disasters that have plagued many states across the U.S.

Rutland Herald and Times Argus (serving central and southern Vermont) began live production use of the SAXOTECH Mediaware Center hosted in the SAXOTECH cloud in June 2010. Initially, the media company rolled out SAXOTECH's solution to be able to quickly adapt to advances and changes in the digital environment and be better equipped to handle large surges of traffic in the 14 counties across Vermont they serve.

One night in May, they experienced first-hand what the SAXOTECH Mediaware Center and cloud computing can do in a time of crisis.

Rob Mitchel, state editor, Rutland Herald shared his account of the recent flooding in the northeast.

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"The Barre area in Vermont received about five inches of rain over a two-hour period. The river behind our building flooded, and although we were able to get the May 27 print edition out, the water destroyed our press, film room, newsroom and everything on the ground floor of the building. Since then, we've been printing off site with paginators, reporters and editors spread out across various areas of Vermont and at the Rutland operation – and they were able to keep working because of the remote desktop system. We did not miss even one day of the print publication, and we were able to update our site almost continuously."
"Things have more or less settled down by now, and with the lessons we have learned from the crisis, we will be bringing even more of our Mediaware Center system into action in the next few weeks. Without this system in place, we would probably have had limited success publishing or even ceased publication," added Rob. "Our investment in the SAXOTECH Mediaware Center solution was worth it."

SAXOTECH's advanced hosting services available in the SAXOTECH cloud provide a complete managed platform for 24/7 operation of SAXOTECH's software applications and supporting infrastructure. Editors and content producers were able to access digital and print reporting tools and data remotely.

Media companies like Times Argus are discovering the use of cloud computing for disaster recovery. The need for hardware located on site is eliminated, as data is backed up on the SAXOTECH cloud. The user is able to access it at any time and data saved in the cloud will have a number of backups, which can assist in the data recovery for any content stored in it. This creates an organizational redundancy that many media companies may find very expensive to duplicate.

"The need for a disaster recovery plan is a part of what is driving many media companies to adopt cloud technologies," said Marcel Badowski, senior vice president, SAXOTECH. "We are saddened when we hear that any of our customers have been affected by flooding, tornadoes or any other crisis, but are thankful the Times Argus had its managed hosted solution in place and they were able to continue to publish, keeping their readers informed during a time when news updates are so important."

SAXOTECH helps media companies meet current and future challenges in the media landscape by providing cost efficient solutions for new business models based on multimedia, multi-channel consumer interaction. Our scalable, easy-to-implement solutions are used to plan, create, edit, design and publish content as well as drive online directories and serve display advertising through multiple channels. Our customers receive world-class implementation, training and support complemented by ongoing development of products and best practices.

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