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Ad Sales Management for Interactive Media

online_editor_icon.gif SAXOTECH’s Ad Sales Management harnesses the growing potential of online advertising and provides publishers with a comprehensive platform to monetize digital media products.

Serving as a single point of management for all your digital media sales activity, Ad Sales Management provides key functions that streamline scheduling, pricing, quoting, ordering, publishing and billing combinations of online display ads and online directory/marketplace listings.

Ad Sales Management also provides support for quoting offline ads that can be streamlined to legacy print advertising systems through a flexible Ad Export API.

  • Enable your entire sales team to sell online products
    Allow non-technical sales users to clearly communicate the value of your online assets and intelligently price your inventory and other online performance-based products.
  • Efficiently Manage Workflow
    Automate management of business rules to create accurate and efficient sales and production processes.
  • Harness Real-Time Customer Relationship Management Sales Tools
    Plan & execute aggressive campaigns targeted to your online publications.
  • Generate Comprehensive Proposals
    Create easy-to-understand quote documents for the Advertiser with price, publishing and performance line items for all digital products.

Built on an open Software as a Service (SaaS) framework, Ad Sales Management offers tremendous integration potential and rapid deployment of new functionality to keep pace with the quickly changing online advertising landscape. Plus, it includes an open API, allowing you to integrate with key business systems.

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