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Online Media Publishing Made Easy

SAXOTECH Online™ publishing solutions provide the tools to transform how news and information providers deliver Web and emerging online products to interactive audiences.

Media companies today are faced with unprecedented market potential as people of all ages and all walks of life demand information delivery through multiple new online channels.

SAXOTECH Online is an online publishing and application development platform and content management system. Publishers and new media managers are able to quickly respond to emerging market opportunities by increasing the productivity of the online news staff, and extending content, all while creating new online applications to enhance news operations and build an online community.

Flexible, scalable, and open to integration and custom development using industry-standard coding languages, SAXOTECH Online exceeds the high standards and demands of today’s media companies. Whether you’re looking for ways to enhance presentation of news and information with cutting-edge Web sites, developing new online channels and revenue streams, or seeking ways to better engage visitors with participatory journalism, SAXOTECH Online delivers the underlying technology to ensure your business success.

Media companies are focused on delivering excellence in journalism in these changing times.

SAXOTECH provides the foundation on which to build your online business.