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Directory Publishing Center

online_editor_icon.gifSAXOTECH’s Directory Publishing Center allows publishers to easily create a wide array of lucrative searchable directories, guides and index products for their local communities. Containing all of the advanced functionality that Internet-savvy audiences expect, the Directory Publishing Center provides the platform needed to create and deploy niche directories, geo domains and boutique sites to maximize local revenue opportunities as well as a rapidly deployable business directory (Marketplace) that can be easily modeled to meet specific branding requirements.

Powering Local Search and Detailed Views
SAXOTECH’s Directory Publishing Center features a high-level category layout for major points of interest
in the local community. The structure of the Directory Publishing Center makes it easy for a publisher’s digital audience to find businesses, services and activities in their cities and towns. Each category supplies the publisher with a section front or landing page to present vertical-specific information. Additionally,
the publisher can present relevant editorial content, featured contextual integration advertisers, banner
advertisers and events for each category. The standard components include:

  • Search Widgets that support global keyword searches, advanced searches based on category
    and associated criteria, filtered searches and taxonomy-based searches.
  • Search Result List Views with priority sort overrides to feature paid premium advertisers, map marker views through the Google Maps API and a number of filtering options that include proximity, user ratings, cost categories, event dates and other additional criteria.
  • Detailed Views that provide enhanced portfolio or storefront listings containing business specific data
    elements, detailed textual descriptions, photos and video galleries, event listings, map views with
    driving directions, expanded reviews and/or user ratings and comments, promotional components
    and other business-related elements.

The list and detail views in the Directory Publishing Center are search optimized for improved visibility
within major Internet search engines. The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques include adding
normalized custom data elements to listing page headers and creating search engine-friendly URLs to
the list and detailed views.

Populate and Publish
SAXOTECH’s Directory Publishing Center provides publishers with a data management utility for
importing business list data into the searchable directory structure. The category structure of the
directory is designed to seamlessly interact with a third-party provided data dictionary and data model.
This provides a unified data set that can readily be updated based on publisher elected intervals. The
data management utility also supports data imports from additional list resources including business
and circulation systems, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, government agencies
and other internal and external marketing data sets.

Self-Service Portal
SAXOTECH’s Directory Publishing Center features an intuitive self-service portal for business owners and
community contributors to build out their courtesy listings and to create enhanced portfolio sites. Publishers
can drive local businesses to update and enhance their listings with email campaigns that feature registration
and authentication credentials. These premium listings correspond directly to the Directory Publishing Center’s presentation layer and include customer provided photos, audio, video, coupons, events and promotional items in standard packages featuring ad-hoc up sell options. The presentation layer also automatically generates elements that include map pinpoints and reviews as well as common social networking and other personalization tools. The provided Self-Service Portal includes credit card payment processing through the PayPal Payflow service and an optional Bill-to-Account feature that processes the payment through the publisher’s business system and standard invoicing process.

Management Module
SAXOTECH’s Directory Publishing Center includes an on demand, Web-based Management Module, which provides a feature-rich environment for managing the business rules of multiple directory portals. By utilizing the Management Module, publishers can more effectively quote and schedule enhanced listings, manage the associated internal workflows, automate the publishing of listings, complete required credit and business validations, provide systematic controls for rate definition and management and dynamically report on enhanced listings. This on-demand application includes dashboard technology, rules-based access controls exposing the appropriate information and functionality for varying user authorities and tight third-party integration options for billing, CRM sub-systems, ad networks and advertising imports and exports to external subsystems. Moreover, the Management Module can be expanded to unify and optimize the management of all online and offline advertising to a depth within the publishing organization that results in maximum operational efficiencies.

Marketplace and Other Directories
The base packaging of SAXOTECH’s Directory Publishing Center provides a rapidly deployable business directory known as Marketplace containing more than a dozen primary local points of interest. It consists of a welldefined set of editable default templates, scripts, cascading style sheets and utilities that provide publishers with a turnkey directory for the small to medium-sized businesses and services in their local market. The Directory Publishing Center, however, can also be easy configured to create a wide range of other niche directories, geodomains and boutique verticals, such as business-to-business, professional, local interest or other similar offerings to provide publishers with the ability to maximize all revenue opportunities.

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