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SAXOTECH Online Ad Solutions

online_editor_icon.gifSAXOTECH Online Ad Solutions are designed to provide publishers with the tools necessary to harness the growing potential of online advertising. The solutions are a comprehensive platform of innovative products and solutions designed to increase internal efficiency, enhance end user experience and maximize advertising profitability. Utlizing SAXOTECH Online Ad Solutions, media publishers can leverage their brand equity, online audience and franchise with local merchants to create new incremental revenue sources through local business directories, vertical niche products, and consumer-focused boutique offerings. The success of these initiatives is contingent on the ability to maintain a low cost of acquisition and management, which is partially achieved through self-service apparatuses and inherent efficiencies and business optimization tools.

Built exclusively for the media industry, each standard solution provides extensive flexibility, facilitating a broad array of customized solutions to be built from the one. While each offering is designed for independent use, when used in unison the SAXOTECH Online Ad Solutions interact seamlessly and provide increased functionality and efficiency. The initial offerings within the SAXOTECH Online Ad Solutions consist of the Ad Sales Management system and the Directory Publishing Center.

Ad Sales Management
SAXOTECH’s Ad Sales Management system harnesses the growing potential of online advertising and provides publishers with a comprehensive platform to monetize online media products. Serving as a single point of management for all online media sales activities, the system provides key functionality to streamline
scheduling, pricing, quoting, ordering, publishing and billing combinations of online display ads and
online directory listings. It is built upon “on demand” technology and offers tremendous integration potential
and rapid deployment of new functionality.

Ad Sales Management also provides support for quoting offline ads that can be streamlined to legacy print
advertising systems through a flexible Ad Export API.

Directory Publishing Center
SAXOTECH’s Directory Publishing Center allows publishers to easily create a wide array of lucrative
searchable directories, guides and index products for their local communities. Containing all of the
advanced functionality that Internet-savvy audiences expect, the Directory Publishing Center provides
the ability to easily create and deploy niche directories, geo domains and boutique sites to maximize local
revenue opportunities. It also includes a rapidly deployable local business directory (Marketplace) that can
be easily modeled to meet specific branding requirements and a Self Service Online Ad Booking Portal that
allows publishers to book online ads in real time.

The included Self Service Online Ad Booking Portal provides a “point and click” process for creating
listings and includes the tools needed to offer premium up sell options to featured advertisers. The portal
features bi-directional self service capabilities allowing an advertiser to update all aspects of the content of
an existing listing and to terminate or renew the schedule for a listing. Credit card payment processing is
handled through a dynamic/real-time interface using the PayPal Payflow service.

Professional Services
SAXOTECH is a complete solution provider offering a full line of Professional Services to complement
its suite of products and solutions. From the implementation of the solutions to integrations to existing
systems, training on solution use, consultation regarding best practices and the creation of custom
development, SAXOTECH’s Professional Services team provides consistent, predictable results and timely
project completions. SAXOTECH’s Professional Services are available on-site, at SAXOTECH’s offices or via the Web to provide the speciailzed assistance needed to complete each project.

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