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Mediaware by SAXOTECH

SAXOTECH helps media companies address the changing behaviors of consumers by providing enterprise content management and monetization solutions for multi-channel publishing.

SAXOTECH Mediaware Center™
A workflow-centric content management and production system to support the creative process. By enabling streamlined communication and collaboration for the entire production process, news organizations can take advantage of unmatched efficiency and production speed for print and digital publishing.

SAXOTECH Online Ad Solutions™
SAXOTECH Online Ad Solutions are designed to provide publishers with the tools necessary to harness the growing potential of online advertising. The solutions are a comprehensive platform of innovative products and solutions designed to increase internal efficiency, enhance end user experience and maximize advertising profitability. Utlizing SAXOTECH Online Ad Solutions, media publishers can leverage their brand equity, online audience and franchise with local merchants to create new incremental revenue sources through local business directories, vertical niche products, and consumer-focused boutique offerings. The success of these initiatives is contingent on the ability to maintain a low cost of acquisition and management, which is partially achieved through self-service apparatuses and inherent efficiencies and business optimization tools.

Ad Sales Management™
A comprehensive platform to monetize digital media products. Serving as a single point of management for digital media sales activity, our ad sales management solution provides key functions to streamline scheduling, pricing, quoting, ordering, publishing and billing combinations of multiple ad types and directory / marketplace listings.

Directory Publishing Center™
SAXOTECH’s Directory Publishing Center allows publishers to easily create a wide array of lucrative searchable directories, guides and index products for their local communities. Containing all of the advanced functionality that Internet-savvy audiences expect, the Directory Publishing Center provides the platform needed to create and deploy niche directories, geo domains and boutique sites to maximize local revenue opportunities as well as a rapidly deployable business directory (Marketplace) that can be easily modeled to meet specific branding requirements.