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Avisa Nordland, Rana Blad, Helgeland Arbeiderblad sign contracts for SAXoPRESS Publishing System
SAXOTECH, the leading supplier of editorial solutions in Scandinavia, has signed an agreement with three more newspapers in the Norwegian A-Pressen media group to deliver a complete print publishing solution.

These contracts have been signed as a result of the recently signed framework agreement with A-Pressen, which, in the last four months, has resulted in six new SAXoPRESS (Ed. note - currently called SAXOTECH Editorial) installations in Norway.

"Our choice of SAXoPRESS is based on A-Pressen's decision on running a common system in the newspaper group, and we are absolutely confident that the implementation of SAXoPRESS will make the editorial production processes effective," said Kjell Hugvik, News Editor of Avisa Nordland. "We are working on implementing layout-driven production, and in that work SAXOTECH's planning and layout tools will be essential."

"We are very pleased that Avisa Nordland, Rana Blad and Helgelands Arbeiderblad have selected SAXoPRESS as their editorial production system," said Baard Mo, Norwegian market manager for SAXOTECH.

The SAXoPRESS Publishing System is a complete, platform independent newspaper production system with tools for optimizing the editorial workflow from story idea to finished print pages.

About Avisa Nordland

Avisa Nordland is situated in Bodo, the county capital in Nordland. Avisa Nordland is the result of a merger of the newspapers Nordlandposten and Nordlans Framtid. Avisa Nordland has a circulation of 30,000. Avisa Nordland has purchased a 50-seat SAXoPRESS system.

About Rana Blad

Rana Blad is situated in the industrial area Mo i Rana. The newspaper celebrated its centenary last year. Rana Blad has a circulation of 11,200. Rana Blad has purchased a 20-seat SAXoRESS system.

About Helgeland Arbeiderblad

Helgeland Arbeiderblad is located in Mosjoen, which is exactly in the middle of Norway. It has a circulation of 10,200. Helgeland Arbeiderblad has purchased a 20-seat SAXoPRESS system.


SAXOTECH develops cross-media content management solutions for newspapers. Our products include the cross-platform SAXoPRESS Publishing System (editorial print production), and the award-winning Publicus Online Publishing System (automated Internet publishing).

Ed. note - SAXoPRESS is currently called SAXOTECH Editorial and Publicus is currently called SAXOTECH Online.

With more than 160 clients worldwide, SAXOTECH is the leading editorial solutions provider in Scandinavia and has a growing presence in North America.